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Calendly + Microsoft Teams integration


Nkem Nwankwo, October 09, 2020

Virtual conferencing is the easiest way to have productive, face-to-face time with others — until, well, it isn’t. Between meeting preparation and followup, and the countless other tasks you find yourself juggling, it can be tedious to get your technology in order so that every virtual meeting happens seamlessly. (Remembering to add your conference details to the invite every time? Forget about it.)

Automatically add conference details to every meeting with Calendly + Microsoft Teams

Calendly’s new integration with Microsoft Teams takes the effort out of scheduling virtual meetings so you can focus on having great conversations. Automatically create and add a new meeting room to your invite when someone schedules with you to improve the experience for your guests with even less work for you. The integration will:

  • Automatically generate unique Teams video conference details for every meeting you schedule

  • Always create and share your virtual meeting details with invitees without any headaches

  • Update meeting details in real time as meetings are rescheduled or canceled

Add Microsoft Teams as the default location for your event types, and every time a meeting is scheduled the unique Teams video conference details will be created instantly. You and your attendees can easily access the meeting room from the confirmation email and calendar invite. You’ll also find the Teams conferencing details in your Calendly and Microsoft Teams accounts.

How do I start?

Simply click to connect with Microsoft Teams from your Calendly account. Once you log in to Microsoft Teams, you’re ready to roll! Here's more on how to invite external users to meetings using Microsoft Teams.

Add Teams now!

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Nkem Nwankwo

Nkem Nwankwo is a Product Manager with a passion for technology and solving customer needs and a Calendly alum. His passions include technology, business strategy, entrepreneurship, and mentoring.

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