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Schedule all your Outlook meetings without leaving your inbox


Calendly, May 01, 2020

As professionals, we spend a lot of time in our inboxes. Whether we’re replying to inbound messages or reaching out to clients and leads, email is where it all happens. Our new Outlook add-in makes it incredibly easy to find and share your Calendly links right from your inbox — without ever having to switch apps.

Any O365 user that has the Outlook desktop app or uses Outlook.com can take advantage of this tool. With Calendly right in your inbox, spend more time on the important things and leave the meeting scheduling to us.

Use the right scheduling link, every time

By having access to your Calendly links right in your inbox, you can quickly copy and paste into an email as you write it. The add-in slides out right next to your compose screen and shows all your active event types. Star your frequently used event types to bring those links up to the top for even easier access.

Schedule any kind of meeting with the one-off feature

To set up a meeting outside your normal availability or if you have a few specific times in mind, use Calendly’s one-off feature. Choose distinct time slots and embed them into an email. This gives you the flexibility to provide the Calendly scheduling experience to anyone you’re meeting, even when you don’t have the proper event type set up.

Pro-tip: One-off lets you offer times already blocked in your calendar. This is especially useful if your schedule is full but you want to get a meeting scheduled as soon as possible. By using ad hoc and giving your invitee the ability to schedule over busy times, you can wait until after the meeting is confirmed to rearrange the rest of your calendar.

More ways to share

Your meetings aren’t all the same and neither are the people you meet. You might want to give some the ability to schedule whenever they want and others the ability to schedule just one meeting. For these types of situations, single-use links and adding times to email are great alternatives to your regular scheduling link. 

How do I get started?

The Calendly Outlook Add-in is easy to install — just visit the AppSource page.

Need more help on installing the Outlook add-in? Read our help center article to learn how to take advantage of scheduling right in your inbox.

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