Simple, beautiful scheduling

Say goodbye to phone and email tag for finding the perfect time

Schedule meetings with just one email

You and your invitees will love not having to trade several emails to find a meeting time that works.

Easy and fast

Calendly’s clean, modern interface makes it very easy to use. And since you’ll no longer play email or phone tag, your meetings will be scheduled up to 70% faster.

You’re always in control

Calendly makes scheduling easier without giving up your privacy and control. Your personal calendar always remains private and you retain full control of your availability. You can set buffer times between meetings, prevent last minute meetings and much more.

Calendar sync

Connect your Google Calendar and stay in sync so that you're never double booked.

Easy setup

You’ll be ready to accept meetings in less than 1 minute. No registration or setup required for your invitees.

Automated reminders

No-shows will become a thing of the past with automated email reminders.

Jessica Jessica


Technology Integration Specialist

Prior to Calendly, it would sometimes take 3 days of back and forth emails with our teachers to set up support appointments. With Calendly, appointments are scheduled instantly which allows us to provide speedy support. We love it!
Joel Joel



Before Calendly, students used sign-up sheets to request advising meetings. Not only was this process inefficient for all involved, students forgot to show up for their meetings 25% of the time. With Calendly's automated reminders, we haven't had a no-show so far.
Cash Cash


Director of Technology

Calendly is my personal assistant for managing my busy schedule. It saves me and the people I meet with from having to trade multiple calls and emails to find a meeting time.
Michael Michael


Sales Director

11 meetings with 11 individuals scheduled in 20 minutes. There is no easier way to schedule meetings. Calendly is phenomenal.
Seth Seth


Head of Educational Technology

I’ve been using Calendly for a couple of weeks now and, to be honest, I am smitten. The ease- of-setup and simplicity make it the best meeting scheduler I’ve ever used.
Kuang Kuang


Software CEO

As a busy person with no personal assistant, Calendly saves me a ton of time. It's a thrill to use.