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5 ways Calendly gives your sales team superpowers

Anna Charity, September 30, 2021

A recent Calendly study found that people send an average of 7.3 emails to schedule a single meeting

Now multiply that by all of your sales representatives and all of their contacts across the entire sales funnel. 

Time is money. 

Fortunately, there’s a way to gain some back every time you have to schedule a meeting. 

Calendly helps you accelerate sales cycles by cutting out the back-and-forth, saving you on average about 15 minutes per meeting scheduled.

Here the top 5 ways Calendly gives your sales team superpowers:

Speed up your sales pipeline 

Assign meetings to the first rep who can take the meeting, shortening time from contact to demo. 

Use round robin events to increase your team's flexibility by allowing invitees to choose a time with any available member of your team.

More selling, less data entry 

Calendly’s direct integration with CRMs like Salesforce creates or updates opportunities and activities once a meeting is scheduled. 

When scheduling meetings with new prospects using Calendly, Salesforce automatically creates a new lead, contact or opportunity. If the prospect already exists, the event will be added to the existing record.

Reps love using the integration to get back more selling time, and management loves that Salesforce data is always accurate without having to chase down reps for updates.

Reduce no-shows and cancellations 

Spend more time selling and less time on reminders and manual follow-ups.

With reconfirmations, meeting hosts can reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations by automatically prompting invitees to reconfirm their attendance before an upcoming event.

Workflows Announcement - Blog - Reconfirmation Example

Ask invitees to confirm by email or text, and schedule it to send days, hours, or minutes before your upcoming event. Invitees can confirm their attendance from their phone or desktop. 

Team scheduling 

Showcase a variety of meetings from a single page, assign a demo to the first available representative with Round Robin scheduling, use Collective scheduling to let a lead schedule with multiple team members, or allow multiple invitees reserve a spot for the same event.

meeting types - product screenshot

Automated touchpoints 

Increase close rates and eliminate manual follow-ups with Workflows. Automatically send reminders and confirmation requests before every meeting. After a meeting, send thank-you notes, surveys, and follow-ups without lifting a finger. 

Ready to take control of your calendar so you can focus on selling? Start converting leads to customers faster with intelligent, real-time scheduling. Try Calendly for free today.

Anna Charity biography
Anna Charity

Anna is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Calendly. She is based in Atlanta, GA.

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