Calendly + your CRM: How to connect them and why


Hilary Yeganegi, June 06, 2022

At Calendly, we often get requests for CRM integrations. Because who wants a scheduling tool that’s incompatible with the star of your tech stack? Here’s how you can connect your CRM to Calendly, and how you can use these tools together to save time and land more clients.

1. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce needs no introduction - it’s synonymous with “CRM” and isn’t shy about marketing itself as the #1 CRM in the world. 

We have a robust native Calendly + Salesforce integration (available on Calendly Teams plans or higher) that can automatically create new leads, contacts, or opportunities in your CRM when you book a Calendly meeting. Once connected, the integration:

  • Lets you schedule Calendly meetings without ever leaving Salesforce

  • Create events or tasks for any object once a meeting is scheduled

  • Map information as custom objects to expedite lead qualification

  • View your upcoming and past sales meetings, and much more


2. HubSpot

Hubspot is often associated with marketing, but these days it's mainly positioned as an impressive, easy-to-use CRM platform. Featuring the Sales Hub, the HubSpot CRM platform offers all the tools you need for not only sales, but also marketing, content management, and customer service.

Calendly offers a HubSpot integration that was recently recognized as one of the Top 30 integrations in the HubSpot marketplace. Available for Calendly users on the Professional plan or higher, the HubSpot integration:

  • Creates new leads or contacts in HubSpot once a meeting is scheduled with Calendly

  • Automatically updates Hubspot activities for contacts when a meeting is edited

  • Syncs custom information, such as lead qualification, via Calendly to add to HubSpot records

With HubSpot CRM and the Calendly integration, your sales team can get richer insights and warmer leads, and increase the speed of your sales pipeline. And sales leaders will love the instant updates, insights, and intelligence available that contributes to sales funnel metrics and forecasting.



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3. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign’s lean platform is a sales CRM that includes marketing automation essentials, including email.


When you use Calendly to efficiently book sales meetings, make sure none of those new sales contacts slip through the cracks by using the Calendly + ActiveCampaign integration. Available for Calendly users on the Professional plan or higher, the integration accelerates your sales process by instantly creating a contact record in your CRM when a lead books a meeting in Calendly.

When these leads are automatically imported into your ActiveCampaign CRM, it’s incredibly easy to add them to contact lists or segments. That makes it easier to do lead qualification, to identify who is ready to purchase, and who should begin a marketing journey.

4. Pipedrive

A quick search for “easy-to-use CRM” brings up countless results for Pipedrive. This fast-growing CRM platform is relatively new, but it’s easily one of our most-requested CRM integrations.

With Pipedrive’s visual deal pipeline (hence the name), you can visualize your sales process from start to finish, helping your team work more efficiently by streamlining your processes and forecasting sales cycles.

If you’re ready to dive into Pipedrive and extend your pipeline, here’s how you can connect your Calendly Professional account:

  • Pipedrive+Calendly via Zapier is an extremely versatile and user friendly workflow automation tool. In order to connect Calendly to other tools via Zapier, you need to have a Professional Calendly plan or higher, but once you’re on Zapier the opportunities are virtually limitless, and you can build a variety of automations with a single or multiple steps.

  • Pipedrive+Calendly via Outfunnel Like Zapier, you’ll need a Professional or higher Calendly plan to use Outfunnels automations But we highly recommend this integration for a few reasons. Outfunnel is founded by former Pipedrive team members (so they really know their stuff). Plus, Outfunnel specializes in syncing data from marketing tools (Calendly) to a few major CRMs, so you know it will work every time. 

5. Zoho CRM

Zoho offers a variety of products, including the popular Zoho CRM platform. It offers some unique features, like Motivator.

Motivator for Zoho CRM captures data from your CRM account and creates a gamified competitive environment for your sales team. If your team is motivated by competition, you want to make sure every bit of their sales data is being accurately synced into your CRM. So how can you connect Calendly to Zoho CRM to make sure all of your invitees’ information is updated in real time? If you’re on a Calendly Professional plan or higher, there are many ways including: 

  • Zoho+Calendly via Make Using Make's visual builder platform to automatically sync Calendly meeting data into Zoho CRM as new leads, and much more. You can even add additional steps to your automations with Make, triggering a notification in Slack or Microsoft Teams when a new lead is booked.

  • Zoho+Calendly via Zapier

6. Freshsales

Freshsales is Freshworks’ automation CRM tool.  By pairing Calendly with Freshsales’ AI-powered insights, you can accelerate your revenue, shorten your sales cycle, and drive deals to close faster.

If you use Freshsales, rest assured you can pull your Calendly data in automatically with a wide variety of connector tools (available on Calendly Professional plans or higher):

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7. Keap

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is another all-in-one platform that offers CRM, sales, and marketing automation tools. creates new contacts in Keap every time a Calendly meeting is booked.If you’re interested in taking advantage of Calendly + Keap CRM, and you have a Professional plan or higher, there are several ways to make sure the customers you’re meeting are being captured.

  1. Keap+Calendly via Zapier

  2. Keap+Calendly via Make

  3. Keep+Calendly via Another no-code connector tool, helps you automate repetitive processes and workflows.

8. Close

Close’s CRM is an  incredibly friendly, sales-oriented interface, built not only for sales reps, but also for sales leaders. The tool provides actionable insights with customizable CRM reporting and data to reflect pipeline health and KPI tracking. Combine that power with Calendly’s meeting data, and you’ve got yourself a true advantage over the competition.

With any of Calendly’s connector tool partners below, you can easily set-up an automation to sync contact data from Calendly into Close (as a reminder, you must be on a Calendly Professional plan or higher to connect with these tools):

9. Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s suite of cloud-based business applications, including a CRM for Sales.

Here are a few of our connector tool partners that offer a Calendly + Dynamics 365 integration and allow you to easily set-up an automation to sync Calendly information into your CRM (as a reminder, you must be on a Calendly Professional plan or higher to connect with these tools):

10. Copper

Relatively new, Copper’s most unique difference is its superior integration with Google Workspace, which makes it an intuitive tool for Google users.

Like Copper’s Google features, Calendly also offers a Chrome extension that lets you book Calendly meetings  without ever leaving Gmail. Combine that with Copper and you’ll have the ultimate, Google-enabled tech stack. Here are the connector tools you can use to seamlessly sync Calendly to Copper, which are available for Calendly Pro and higher users:

Don’t see the CRM you’re looking for? 

We know there are countless tools on the market, and your team has to choose the best one for your needs. 

If we didn’t mention your CRM, be sure to look at our Sales & CRM integrations page, or check out our partners to see what’s possible when you integrate Calendly with Zapier or Make

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