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Accelerate your hiring process

Interview candidates quicker, deliver the best candidate experience, and reduce your time-to-hire.

Accelerate your hiring process
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8 days

Reduction in time to hire



Increase in initial screening calls



Increase in interviews scheduled


Provide a human touch, don't work around the clock

Make time for the important things and stop letting conflicting calendars, group interviews, or interview follow-ups slow you down.


Connect with top talent quicker with easy scheduling

Simplify scheduling for every interview

Simplify scheduling for every interview

Top candidates are off the job market faster than ever. Create a seamless scheduling process for every interview — from phone screens and hiring manager one-on-ones to group interviews – to give your company a competitive edge in the talent market.

Remove friction from your hiring process

Remove friction from your hiring process

Automate manual tasks with powerful workflows to help clear your to do list, while still offering a personalized candidate experience. Ensure that experience stays professional with managed events to find the right balance between consistency and customization.

Never lose track of your top candidates

Never lose track of your top candidates

Calendly integrates with your applicant tracking system (ATS), technical assessment platforms, and other recruiting tools so you never have to worry about a candidate slipping through the cracks.

Run your day from wherever you are working

Run your day from wherever you are working

Whether you’re in Greenhouse, Lever, LinkedIn Recruiter, or back-to-back meetings, the Calendly Extension lets you get more done in less time. Quickly share any of your scheduling links, book next steps in real time, and prioritize top talent in times of low availability with book over meetings – all to move your hiring process forward.


Calendly’s features for recruiting

Calendly's LinkedIn integration

Book without interrupting your flow

Quickly find the right scheduling link at the right time, and share your availability from your inbox, LinkedIn, applicant tracking system, and more.

Stay one step ahead with candidates

Stay one step ahead with candidates

Skip the scheduling link when you’ve already decided on a time. Instantly book your next interview, or book on behalf of a teammate to speed up your process.

Sync to your ATS

Sync to your ATS

Automatically update candidate records when an interview is booked, rescheduled, or canceled. Book meetings directly from your ATS.

Build your best experience

Build your best experience

Manage events that your team uses and sync event templates to ensure everyone follows your ideal interview process.

Automate reminders and follow-ups

Automate reminders and follow-ups

Send email or text reminders before interviews, then automatically follow up post-meeting to share additional job info, send a “thank-you” note, and request the next interview.

Boost candidate engagement

Boost candidate engagement

Add questions on your booking pages to prepare for interviews. After booking an interview, send candidates to pages with your company or interview process info.

Calendly Round Robin feature

Build candidate pipeline faster

Distribute the workload evenly among your team for high-volume scheduling and speed up time-to-hire.

Access data to keep improving

Access data to keep improving

Discover trends and track interviews scheduled, no-shows, team productivity and bandwidth, and more.

Bring your tech stack together

Stop spending time on admin tasks or scheduling meetings, and instead fully focus on finding talent by connecting your recruiting tools.

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"Because of the volume of calls we get using Calendly, I know Calendly will be a good return on my investment."

John ComptonExecutive Recruiter, Agile Search
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Reduce the back-and-forth and get to the offer letter faster

The Old Way

Delayed hiring from

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    Emailing candidates individually and waiting to hear back

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    Double-booking on calendars

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    Ghosting and no-shows (interviewers or candidates)

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    Varied candidate experiences

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    Manual scheduling and admin tasks

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    Candidate loses interest or gets hired elsewhere

The New Way

Hire 8 days faster

  • Add instant scheduling wherever you’re working

  • Prioritize the interviews that matter most

  • Automate reminders and interview confirmations

  • Use Managed Events for consistent, professional interviews

  • Sync data to your ATS

  • Improve candidate experience

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Talk to one of our recruiting scheduling experts or try Calendly for free.

Talk to one of our recruiting scheduling experts or try Calendly for free.