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Atlassian boosts customer scheduling experience, security, and collaboration

Atlassian bends over backward for its customers. They brought in Calendly when they realized ad hoc scheduling was causing an inconsistent customer experience, friction between departments, and a potential security issue.

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Customer Stories

Atlassian boosts customer scheduling experience, security, and collaboration

Atlassian bends over backward for its customers. They brought in Calendly when they realized ad hoc scheduling was causing an inconsistent customer experience, friction between departments, and a potential security issue.

7 min read

One of Atlassian’s core beliefs is “Customers are our lifeblood. Without happy customers, we’re doomed.” So when leadership realized some customers were struggling to schedule meetings and experiencing rocky handoffs between departments, Atlassian jumped into action. Just over two years into using Calendly, Atlassian’s scheduling and handoff issues are resolved and the tech company hasn’t looked back.


Reducing friction between departments

Even if you haven’t heard of Atlassian, you’ve likely encountered their software. Atlassian’s SaaS products include best-of-class collaboration tools Confluence, Trello, and Jira.

The Australian-based company builds essential tools used every day by software developers, project managers, and other key players in tech — so Atlassian requires strict security controls, efficient workflows, and top-notch customer support.

Atlassian believes collaboration should be simple, and they walk their talk. So leadership sat up and paid attention when they learned there was a little air leaking out of their tires. 

Different departments and individuals were using a mixed bag of software for internal meetings and meetings with customers, which was an obvious security concern. It also caused internal friction between departments trying to work together but using tools that don’t integrate, which can lead to schedule conflicts and delays. Using different tools also created external friction: Customers got an inconsistent experience, especially when it came to handoffs from sales to CS, and from one CS rep to another. 

It takes unified teamwork, tools, and strategy to avoid customer retention pitfalls like slow support ticket response time, scheduling conflicts, no-shows and cancellations, engagement drop-off, and clunky handoffs from rep to rep and department to department. 

Keeping client data secure

As software developers creating tools for other software developers, Atlassian has the highest standards for data security. Their IT team does stringent reviews on tools that integrate with the Atlassian team’s calendars for compliance with regulations like GDPR and security features that protect customer and company data.

With those requirements in mind, Atlassian began searching for the most secure scheduling software for enterprise companies. They also needed something user-friendly for employees and customers, with sophisticated admin features that could easily handle the company’s wide variety of complex meeting scenarios. 

The IT team learned that Calendly was already the most popular tool among individual Atlassian employees scheduling meetings with customers — a strong indicator Calendly could match Atlassian’s needs. As they dug into research mode, IT realized Calendly could meet their security requirements and had more features than they’d hoped for.

In June 2021, Atlassian migrated all individual Calendly users into an enterprise account, the majority in sales, marketing, product advocacy, and recruiting departments. 


Putting customers in the driver’s seat for a better experience
“If a customer is interested in onboarding with our product, or we want to learn more from an existing customer, we always include our Calendly link,” said one Atlassian customer success rep.

With a Calendly booking link, customers can see reps’ availability, choose the time that works best for them, and schedule a meeting in just a few clicks. At any stage in the sales process and customer journey, customers can instantly schedule meetings with the right department. No matter who the customer meets with, Atlassian provides a branded, secure, and consistent experience through Calendly.

Beyond making scheduling easier for Atlassian’s customers, Calendly also helps Atlassian’s customer-facing employees save time and get more done. There’s no more dreaded email back and forth to find a meeting time. Calendly’s automations prevent routine scheduling mistakes, like conflicting times or time zone confusion.

Customer satisfaction scores improved, and employees spent less valuable time on the admin around meetings.

Collaborating without sacrificing security and control

As a scheduling automation platform serving over 100,000 companies, Calendly understands the critical role security, privacy, and compliance play in this process.

Security threats evolve constantly — and so do Calendly’s protections. Calendly keeps enterprise organizations and their customers secure through domain control, SAML single sign-on, advanced user provisioning, and alignment with data compliance standards and regulations. Atlassian says their high security standards in scheduling tools increase customer confidence and trust in the organization.

Atlassian has the in-app security, compliance, and centralized admin controls they need today, plus assurance that Calendly’s committed security resources will keep pace with tomorrow’s evolving threats. 

Simplifying scheduling for complex meeting scenarios across departments

Using Calendly helps Atlassian’s sales teams keep their pipeline moving. Delays and no-shows can slow down — or even extinguish — entire deals. According to McKinsey, companies that deliver better customer experiences increase revenue, profits, and shareholder returns. Through Calendly’s automated before-and-after meeting features, deals don’t stall because of mistakes — a forgotten meeting, a missing decision maker, unclear next steps. 

Prospects are often transferred from one person to another based on the sales stage, and usually multiple stakeholders from both companies need to gather for meetings including demos, technical discovery, and procurement. 

Calendly’s designed to speed up scheduling without disrupting workflow by connecting to the software companies already use, and offering time-saving automations so client-facing teams and customers can meet faster.

Atlassian discovered that using Calendly to schedule these meetings increased response rates from prospects and customers, and shortened time-to-meeting.

“Calendly does help with a shorter time between requesting a meeting and having the meeting.” Another customer-facing staff member responded, “Response rates from customers are higher if Calendly is used to schedule a meeting.”
Navigating customer handoffs and other complex meetings

Not all scheduling tools can support complex meeting scenarios. Atlassian team members across departments need to schedule many different types of meetings, and with Calendly’s team scheduling options, it’s easy to do. 

Atlassian uses a combination of Calendly Routing and Round Robin meeting distribution to automatically distribute new meetings to the right team members, saving the time of manually assigning them.

The combination of Calendly Routing and Round Robin comes in handy at Atlassian for processes such as tech support, when the meeting request form is automatically vetted and assigned to the first available, qualified support rep.

“One of the pain points was trying to schedule with external clients while keeping their data safely secured. Calendly really supports their existing workflows. I don’t think we have any other tools that do that level of advanced extra routing for a team.”

— Global Collaboration Specialist, Atlassian

When multiple Atlassian team members need to co-host a meeting, Collective meetings automatically pool co-hosts’ availability, so the invitee can only select meeting times that are open on every host’s calendar.

These powerful scheduling features, combined with functionality like automated reminders and follow-ups and admin-controlled Workflows, smooth out customer handoffs from teammate to teammate and department to department. Like the perfect Olympic relay race, the baton never gets dropped.

Streamlining through scheduling analytics

Atlassian uses insights gained from Calendly reporting and analytics to refine their customer-facing processes. Statistics revealed inconsistent performance of some individual reps, which helped Atlassian develop more targeted training programs for customer reps. 

The refreshed meeting scheduling experience improved customer interactions and helped reps build closer customer relationships. 


Since adopting Calendly, the Atlassian team has enhanced communication between departments, removed friction in the customer handoff process, and created a consistent, on-brand scheduling experience for prospects and customers. The results? More satisfied customers, higher sales conversion rates, and increased customer renewals — all of which have a positive impact on their bottom line. 

Atlassian was one of four companies reviewed by Forrester Consulting as part of a 2023 Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Calendly.

Forrester combined and averaged the four companies’ results (including Atlassian’s) and calculated a 318% ROI over a three-year period.

Results for the composite organization also include: 

  • 1.5% improvement in renewal rate with Calendly due to improved customer interactions

  • $358K profit increase from higher renewal rate 

  • 10 to 15 minutes saved per meeting scheduled with Calendly

As you can see, Atlassian bends over backward to make sure they maintain the happiness of their lifeblood, their customers. Calendly is proud to help Atlassian accomplish their goals.

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Share your Calendly link right from your browser, so you can schedule meetings without the back-and-forth