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Top 10 recruitment apps for talent strategy and acquisition


Calendly, June 04, 2020

For years, online job boards have been the only game in town for recruiters looking to hire. Most of us have submitted resumes through Indeed or Monster at some point in our lives. But the way people hire is changing. It’s becoming more mobile. 

That change makes sense considering the people entering the workforce now — and who will be entering it in the coming years. Both millennials and Gen Z are much more comfortable with technology than their predecessors, and they spend much more time on their phones. 

These generations have an expectation that tech will be just as integrated into their workplaces as it is into their lives. This expectation has created a huge opportunity for mobile recruiting software. As of 2017, the mobile recruiting market was worth around $1.7 million. As of 2025, that value is expected to top $3 million.

Mobile use is on the rise across the board. With most Americans using smartphones for everything from social media to ordering dinner, it makes sense that mobile job searching would also be on the rise. In fact, according to Fast Company:

“ use in the job search isn’t just around the corner—it is decidedly here now, and companies that aren’t focusing on making the best possible mobile experience for interested job seekers are missing out on a significant portion of the talent pool.”

The numbers don’t lie: if you’re not getting in on mobile recruiting, you’re missing out. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best mobile apps for recruiting that you can use to get ahead of the competition.

10 of the best mobile apps for talent recruitment and strategy

Having a mobile offering gets you in front of today’s job seekers. It can also help you diversify your workforce — data from Glassdoor shows that women make up 52% of mobile job seekers. Check these apps out to step up your mobile recruiting. 

1. Indeed

Unsurprisingly, one of the best mobile hiring apps comes from one of the biggest names in hiring. Indeed’s app lets you post jobs for free and pay to promote them. Applications go right to your email, and if you’d like to boost an ad, the price starts at $5 per day.

You can set Indeed’s app to automatically post job ads for you as well. Its built-in applicant tracking system can parse resume data and track interviewees. 

Indeed also lets you pre-test applicants with a set of questions unique to the position and make job offers right from the app. And don’t worry — there’s a robust customer support system if you get stuck.

2. LinkedIn Recruiter

From another giant name in the employment space, LinkedIn Recruiter gives employers access to LinkedIn’s social network of more than 630 million professional users. The app, which is available on both iOS and Android, uses networking and search tools to pick out the perfect candidate.

LinkedIn Recruiter claims to use smart filters and “spotlights” to highlight the candidates with the best skill sets for your job. It prioritizes those candidates ready to make a career change. 

Job posters can reach out to candidates via LinkedIn’s messenger. Then, the app lets applicants set an appointment for their interview using the scheduling feature.

3. Textrecruit

This app bills itself as “candidate engagement software,” letting you communicate with job seekers and applicants via text message. Textrecruit allows you to alert people to job openings and encourage them to apply directly from their phones.

One interesting feature of this app is that it lets you add a chat feature to your job website. This feature can answer questions from job seekers in real time. Then, when the time comes to review resumes, you can collaborate with your hiring team via the app.

Textrecruit tracks metrics on your job ads as well. You can see what percentage of people who viewed your job applied to it, the total number of responses and the average response time. The app lets you create personalized messages to increase the applicant response rate. 

This app is priced through a subscription model that requires you to get a quote for your business from the company. Some reports indicate that rates start at less than $20 per month per user. Textrecruit also offers a free trial.

4. Calendly

Calendly’s app can help recruiters schedule interviews and conference with team members or candidates. While mostly known for its calendar app and scheduling software, other features of Calendly’s app include video conferencing and the ability to schedule interviews.

Users can set up meetings and view event settings — and get notifications about upcoming events if you’re on the iOS version. The app lets you see your schedule, quickly view what times you’re available, then send a message to set up an appointment or event for that time. Users can sync a number of other calendars to this app as well. You’ll be able to see your entire schedule and never double-book a day.

Calendly offers three different pricing tiers: a free Basic version, an $8 Essentials version, and a $12 Professional version. All prices are per user, per month.

5. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter’s app is great for hiring managers that want to cast as wide a net as possible. The site acts as a job aggregator for job seekers, pulling ads from other major boards like Indeed and Monster. For employers, jobs posted on ZipRecruiter are cross-posted to over 100 other job boards. 

This app has an applicant tracking system that removes the headache of tracking applicants and interviewees. The app aims to connect hiring managers with people who are perfect for their job. ZipRecruiter contacts potential candidates via email when there’s a match. 

Job ads can be posted right in the app, and candidates can be tracked on the app’s dashboard. You can read resumes and cover letters as well as see applicants’ responses to screening questions right on your phone. There’s also an internal messaging feature to let hiring managers contact applicants they’re interested in interviewing.

Pricing for this app varies depending on factors like how many recruiters you have, whether you want to pay to boost your job ad and how many job slots you need. Basic starts at $249 per month, premium is $399 per month and pro will run you $649 per month.

6. Monster

One of the original online job boards also has a mobile offering. The app, called Monster Job Search, is free to download. It has similar functionality to the other apps on this list. 

Hiring managers can filter out candidates, go through resumes and contact people they’re interested in interviewing via the app’s messenger. It’s available via iOS and Android. 

7. Homebase

If you’re in the hospitality industry, you may already be familiar with Homebase for its timekeeping and scheduling features. But this app can also be used for hiring. The company’s site claims you can post a job to the top job boards in less than a minute as well as manage incoming candidates. 

Homebase offers a way for business owners on a budget to hire, contact and onboard large numbers of employees. The layout is simple and user-friendly. And, if a business has only one location, it can be used for an unlimited number of employees. Multiple locations are $19.95 to $49.95 monthly per site.

One cool feature of this app is the availability of pre-written job postings. They make it simple to quickly get the word out on major job boards when you’ve got an open position. Once a job is posted, job seekers can apply through the job board they find the ad on or via text message. 

8. Workable

Workable has an in-depth array of analytics, like candidate scorecards and EEO reporting, and its applicant tracking features make it well-suited for larger businesses. It’s also GDPR compliant, a benefit for businesses looking to recruit overseas.

The app lets you post to over 180 job boards and integrates with your email and calendar software. It offers e-signature letters so the entire recruitment process can be paperless. Users can post jobs to social networks like LinkedIn and configure custom application forms, depending on the job. Workable also lets you track employee referrals. 

Applicants can submit job applications via the job board they find positions on or through the app itself. Once people have applied, you can see total submissions and where they were submitted (Monster, Indeed, etc.). 

Candidates have viewable profiles, and hiring managers can use scorecards for each interviewee to track comments. Workable’s applicant tracking system also does EEO reporting and background checks. 

Workable charges $99 per job, per month with their pay-as-you-go plan. Other plans are available, but they require a direct quote. 

9. Shapr

Shapr is marketed as a networking app for connecting with like-minded professionals, and that’s exactly what makes it perfect for recruiting. It gives users a tailor-made list of people in their field looking to connect to new opportunities. 

Shapr is different from the other apps on this list in one important way: its Tinder-like interface. Users are presented with someone’s profile and can swipe left or right depending on whether they want to match with that person. If there’s a mutual interest, the app generates a match, and you can then message each other. Shapr even offers a list of ways people can meet up to talk face-to-face, including on a walk, over coffee, after work, or on a video call.

Instead of dates, people on Shapr are looking for jobs, internships or networking opportunities. Profiles show similar interests as well as what the person’s goals are (like “find a new job” or “find mentors”). Hiring managers can use this service to headhunt applicants they think would be good for their company. 

The Tinder-like approach is more laborious than simply posting a job to the major boards, but it could be a good option if you want to keep your search local or narrowed to a specific skill set. 

You can sign up for Shapr for free.

10. Zoom

In today’s online world, Zoom is a boon to recruiters with its online conference call functionality. If you’re hiring from a distance but can’t pay for candidates to travel to you for an in-person meeting, video conferencing is a huge help. 

Accounts with Zoom range from the free basic version, which can host up to 100 participants, to varying levels of paid service. Paid options will run you between $14.99 and $19.99 a month per host. The free version imposes a 40 minute limit on meetings, but paid tiers allow longer calls.

Other features of the Zoom app include file sharing and group chat functions. You can show a candidate a file or web page, and they can send you their portfolio. Screen sharing is also available, even on the free version. If you’re conducting a panel interview via Zoom video call, you can privately message your team with prompts or comments outside the group chat.

Users don’t require additional software to use Zoom for video calls, either. All that’s needed is a mobile device and an internet connection, and you’re ready to get started.

Which of these apps you choose — or if you use more than one — will depend on your business and your needs. Those running a small retail operation may find they like Homebase, as it lets them contact and onboard hires, then manage their schedules. Larger international companies may find Workable a more attractive solution. Companies that really need to streamline their scheduling would benefit from Calendly. 

It all depends on who you’re trying to reach and how you want to reach them. Experiment, mix and match and see which of these mobile recruiting apps is the right one for you. The sooner you start innovating, the sooner you’ll get connected with better talent.

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