How Prelude integrates with your applicant tracking system


Hilary Yeganegi

Hilary Yeganegi
Aug. 08, 2023

How Prelude integrates with your applicant tracking system

A lot of research, time, and effort goes into choosing the right applicant tracking system (ATS) for your recruiting team. Your ATS is your control room for all things related to the hiring process: job postings, applicant qualification, candidate communication, and more.

Since it’s often necessary to enhance your ATS with additional apps, it’s important to consider how they work together so all your information is automatically synced. 

Integrating with your applicant tracking system

Calendly’s Prelude handles complex scheduling scenarios so recruiting teams spend less time doing admin work and more time focusing on the candidate experience. Prelude helps solve the most intricate scheduling challenges faced by recruiting teams, like multi-step panel interviews with loops and interviewer load balancing — all while giving job seekers an easy, pleasant self-scheduling experience. 

Luckily, Prelude offers a variety of enterprise-level integrations that connect scheduling automation with the ATS of your choice. 

That means candidate records are always synced and up to date, so you can move quickly to hire the best candidates. Plus, you can schedule interviews right where you are through the Prelude browser extension. Here are some of the most popular ATS + Prelude integrations.

Prelude’s ATS integrations 

1. Greenhouse 

Greenhouse is a leading hiring solution used by small businesses and enterprise organizations alike, including HubSpot, DoorDash, and DocuSign. We use it here at Calendly, too! The Greenhouse platform is great for the recruiting process and onboarding process. Best of all, it’s candidate-friendly.

Greenhouse has a built-in scheduling feature; however, its functionality is limited compared to Prelude.

  • Both allow you to schedule 1:1 and multi-person interviews; however, Prelude helps you schedule group interviews, sequential panels, and high-volume hiring events in a more efficient way.

  • Prelude scheduling links are easy to generate and work just about everywhere, including many email platforms and LinkedIn Messaging. Greenhouse scheduling links can only be sent through a Greenhouse email template.

Unlike Greenhouse, Prelude lets candidates reschedule their interviews if something unexpected comes up.

Screenshot of a Greenhouse candidate profile demonstrating its Prelude integration.
Directly from Greenhouse candidate profiles, you can use Prelude to schedule loops, send interview meeting requests to candidates, and more. Image via Greenhouse

Prelude’s Greenhouse integration streamlines recruiting operations by automating scheduling tasks without switching back and forth between platforms. 

Once connected, the integration allows you to:

  • Send Greenhouse Recruiting interview kits via the Schedule and New Booking pages in Prelude

  • Send Greenhouse Booking Requests and view what has been scheduled and when on Candidate profile views in Greenhouse

  • Use Prelude’s browser extension to perform actions within Greenhouse candidate profiles like booking loops, or requesting candidate availability

  • Use Greenhouse Bookings to sync information back to candidate profiles

With Prelude, our time-to-schedule is 60% faster for onsite and panel interviews. Prelude seamlessly integrates with our ATS, Greenhouse. We love that it syncs key information automatically, and runs in the background, so our interviewers and stakeholders don't have to learn a new system.

Tyler Patterson

Recruiting Manager, Coordination and Operations at Airtable

It’s easy to connect Prelude with Greenhouse when you’re already using both tools. Once enabled, you’ll see the option to send Greenhouse kits to interviewers in Prelude.

2. Workday Recruiting

Workday is an enterprise-focused management tool with solutions for HR and recruiting, among others. The Workday Recruiting suite uses AI and includes tools for talent acquisition, recruiting, learning management, and talent optimization.

Prelude’s two-way integration with Workday helps speed up recruiting, allowing you to book candidate interviews or request availability right from the candidate’s ATS profile.

Prelude screenshot showing how a recruiting coordinator can schedule candidate interviews from Workday ATS.
Integrating Prelude with an ATS like Workday or Greenhouse lets you set up interviews without leaving the software you’re in all day.

Once connected, here are some of the benefits of integrating Prelude with Workday:

  • Automatically sync important data including candidate information, feedback forms, and job setup information to your ATS

  • Display all interviews in Workday instantly and update automatically

  • Sync with Workday’s recruiting web service to read candidate and job requisitions and display them in Prelude, then write interview into Workday

If you’re already using both Prelude and Workday, ask your Prelude customer success manager to set up the integration.

Webinar: Calendly's Prelude: Scheduling automation built for recruiting teams

Webinar: Prelude's scheduling automation for recruiting

Learn how Calendly’s recruiting platform, Prelude, can reduce interview scheduling time by 50%.

3. Lever

Lever is a popular talent acquisition suite that combines ATS with customer relationship management (CRM). It’s used by customers like Netflix, KPMG, and Sendoso, and includes automation features, workflows, candidate nurture templates, and more.

A native scheduler is available in Lever that enables multi-person interviews; however, it requires a lot of manual tasks. Lever requires the recruiter or coordinator to consult interviewers’ schedules and choose an interview time on behalf of the candidate and panel, rather than allowing them to self-schedule. Similarly, it doesn’t let the candidate reschedule interviews. Lever does offer a feature for candidate scheduling: however, this is best for 1-1 interviews and requires setup each time.

Screenshot of a Lever candidate record, demonstrating the Prelude integration.
When you integrate Lever and Prelude, you can see all of a candidate's Prelude interview information within their Lever candidate view. Image via Lever

The Prelude integration with Lever allows recruiting teams to schedule simple or complex interviews, and interview information instantly syncs to Lever’s calendar. With the integration you can:

  • Create scheduling requests for candidates using the Prelude browser extension, without ever leaving Lever

  • From Prelude, you can directly send Lever templates and scheduling requests

  • Allow candidates to self-schedule their interviews with booking requests and customize preferences for candidate scheduling links, including: participating interviewers, type of interview, confirmations, and more

  • Track the status of interviews and scheduling within Lever

To connect Prelude with Lever, generate an API key in Lever and paste it into the Integrations section in Prelude. Then head back to Lever, and click Done to activate the integration. Then you’ll see the option to select candidate opportunities and feedback forms from Lever in Prelude, and all interview schedule information will appear on Lever candidate opportunity profiles. 

4. SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based solution that connects core HR, talent management, people analytics, and more in one platform. It’s one of the most widely-used hiring tools available today. 

SAP SuccessFactors offers a basic scheduling feature, Interview Scheduling, that allows candidates to self-schedule interviews with one or more interviewers. However, more complex scheduling needs (like panels) aren’t supported. 

Screenshot showing the Prelude scheduling sidebar within SAP SuccessFactors’ candidate view.
Within SAP SuccessFactors’ candidate view, you can easily use the Prelude scheduling sidebar to create or update interview requests. Image via SAP SuccessFactors

Get more from your ATS software with Prelude automation

Amp up your favorite ATS features with Prelude scheduling automation. With your tools connected, you can reduce time to hire, boost your team’s productivity, and find the right candidates while Prelude handles the complex scheduling and keeps your ATS updated automatically.

Interested in learning more about Prelude? Talk to sales.

Learn more about Prelude

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Hilary Yeganegi

Hilary Yeganegi

Hilary is a Partner Marketing Manager with Calendly. She's based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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