The best ways to share your availability for any occasion

Calendly, March 26, 2020

Your meetings aren’t all the same and neither are the people you meet—your invitees. You might want to give some the ability to schedule whenever they want and others the ability to schedule just one meeting. Some might prefer to select times you specifically offer them. For all these situations, we have you covered. We’re introducing single-use links and adding times to email—two of our most popular Calendly for Chrome features—to everyone.

GUIDE: How to take advantage of all the ways to share your availability

How often does someone ask you for a few times that would work for a meeting? You can now add specific time slots directly into any email so invitees can schedule in seconds. In addition, single-use links generate a unique URL associated with an event type to protect your calendar apps from additional unprompted meetings. Once they’ve booked, this restricts invitees from accessing your scheduling page unless you send them another scheduling link.


How do I share these different types of links?

You can still copy your event type link with a single click. To try out these two new ways to share, just click on the drop down menu next to “Copy Link”  and pick the option that works best for you. Once it’s added to your clipboard, you can paste it wherever appropriate.

When should I use my different Calendly links?

Event type link

To generate an evergreen scheduling link, just click “Copy Link” on that event type. These links don’t expire, even when a meeting is booked so they’re best for mass communications like marketing automation campaigns or embedding on your website.

Pro tip: Check out our link sharing best practices blog for ideas on language you can use when sharing your availability.


Add times to email

Let your invitees choose a time to meet directly from an email, regardless of the email client you use. You can select up to three days and this preview will show your invitee the first three available time slots of each of these days as buttons they can click. If those times don’t work for their schedule, they can still follow the included Calendly link and find another time that works better.

When you ask an important prospect to meet or agree to send someone your availability, showing specific times makes scheduling easy for both of you which helps to make sure the meeting happens.

Pro tip: If you prefer that someone schedules with you on a certain day, use the Add Times to Email option and highlight that specific day. They can still choose other times if those don’t work for them, but you’re encouraging them to book on the days you prefer.

Single-use link

Single-use links make it easy to share your availability without opening yourself up for unwanted meetings in the future. To better control incoming meetings, this option will generate a unique link associated with an event type. Once your invitee schedules, the link expires to restrict invitees from access in the future.

This type of link sharing works best when your invitee doesn’t need to schedule multiple appointments. This is especially popular among customer support teams wanting to offer help quickly while maintaining boundaries, and with recruiters scheduling interviews who want to make sure they don’t confuse candidates.

Pro tip: Make sure you generate a new single-use link for every individual you want to schedule with. Don’t send the same single-use link to a group of people because it will expire after the first person schedules and everyone else will be stuck with a broken link!

What’s the best way to take advantage?   

Try it out for yourself! Now that you know how these different options work, you can share your availability in the way that makes the most sense from situation to situation. Calendly for Chrome also gives you access to all three of these link-sharing methods—right in your browser. Take advantage of all our apps and extensions for the power of Calendly at your fingertips.

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