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How to use Calendly with video to make great hires


Kommute, January 21, 2021

In a world where nearly everyone works remotely, either by choice or necessity, the ability to engage prospective job candidates can feel very limited. Candidates don't have the opportunity to walk through your office, experience your culture, or meet future coworkers face-to-face. Top candidates may feel more reluctant to change companies when they don’t feel as if they’ve truly experienced your company's culture and engaged with your team.

In today’s recruiting environment, you need to go above and beyond in order to engage prospective candidates throughout the entire recruitment process. Because you’ll have limited interactions with remote job candidates, you should find every opportunity to connect with them.

That’s where we come in. We’re Kommute, a video messaging platform that makes it easy to record, send, and receive video messages from any device — and we’ve partnered with Calendly to make your remote recruiting experience something special.

By embedding your Calendly link in a video message, you can make candidates feel welcome. With this partnership, you can combine the efficiency of automated scheduling with the personalization of video outreach to build authentic connections with remote candidates around the world.

How to use recruitment videos like a pro

1. Sourcing candidates.

Capture the attention of top candidates by sending a video message through LinkedIn or email with your Calendly link embedded. Research has shown that emails containing a link with a video have a 3x higher reply rate compared to regular emails.

2. Scheduling interviews.

It can be awkward to jump onto a Zoom call with someone you’ve never met. Now, you can introduce yourself in a quick video message to break the ice before meeting.

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3. Presenting offers.

Even after a great interview, candidates can be a little uncertain about what their status is for a position. If you're planning to make an offer and need to schedule a conversation to present it, why not build excitement with a warm video message saying you are excited for a follow-up conversation with some good news. This can be a great way to keep candidates' attention on your company during that critical period when they may be considering other offers.

4. Rejection notes.

Instead of sending a cold, automated email, have your recruiting manager send a personalized video message to maintain your strong company brand.

5 interview video recording tips

1. Keep it short.

Be quick and to the point to show candidates that you value their time.

2. Make it personalized.

Say candidates' names and mention something from their background to show your interest in getting to know them.

3. Keep it informal.

Don’t worry too much about your background — just make sure you have good lighting, and don’t be afraid to use your phone.

4. Add useful links and information.

Include links, notes, or even a quick summary underneath your video message for reference.

5. Request action.

Make sure you tell them to schedule a time below. Don’t be afraid to point downward in the video!

How to get started with Calendly + Kommute

Ultimately, combining Calendly and Kommute in your remote recruitment process will create a modern, engaging candidate experience that will assist your company in hiring top talent from around the world.

So what’s the next step? Try out Calendly + Kommute today.

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Kommute biography

Kommute is the all-in-one solution for better remote team communication. This article was written in partnership with the Calendly marketing team.

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