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How to use Calendly with video to close more deals


Kommute, February 04, 2021

From scheduling that initial meeting to follow-up conversations and closing calls, salespeople know how hard it can be to get prospects to schedule a meeting. But the importance of meetings in moving a deal forward cannot be understated.

In most cases, the more you personally connect with a prospect, the easier the sales process becomes. The ability to get a prospect to schedule a meeting with you is therefore an essential step in the sales process.

However, this simple step is often the most challenging. Sending out cold emails can feel a bit impersonal, and it’s often ineffective. An average buyer opens just 23% of emails received a day and clicks on only 2% of them.

That’s why we believe video messaging is an essential and often underutilized tool for sales teams. Kommute is a video messaging platform that makes it easy to record, send, and receive video messages from any device. Video messaging is a novel alternative to email that allows salespeople to use tone, body language, and expressions to connect with prospects asynchronously.

The benefits of using video as a salesperson

Schedule more meetings.

Generate interest in your product or service and increase the chance prospects will schedule a meeting in the first place by swapping cold outreach emails with personalized, persuasive video messages.

Decrease the friction involved in scheduling a meeting.

Combining a personalized video message with a scheduling widget allows prospects to schedule a meeting with one click. You can now include a personalized video, written notes and links, and the ability to schedule a meeting all in one efficient message.

Build a personal connection with prospects.

First impressions are important, especially in sales. Now you can create a great first impression with a video message that shows your unique personality and value proposition.

Video messaging is a valuable tool for customer acquisition. While email is sometimes necessary, video outreach will help you capture the attention of prospects, stand apart from competitors, and ultimately close more deals. 

Our integration with Calendly combines the efficiency of automated scheduling with the persuasive power of video.

5 ways to use video to close more deals

1. Engage new prospects.

Stand out from traditional sales emails and increase the chances of scheduling a meeting by engaging prospects with a personalized video message. You can even post video messages to social media along with your availability.

2. Share demos.

Share a demonstration of the entire product or just answer a prospect's question in a video message, while giving them the option to schedule a meeting for further clarification.

3. Re-engage cold prospects.

Renew interest in your product or service by sending out an engaging, personalized video message to cold prospects.

4. Schedule follow-up meetings.

If the goal is to schedule a meeting in the future, send a follow-up video message thanking them for their time and include your Calendly scheduling widget.

5. Share customer testimonials.

Ask loyal customers to record a video message about your product to share with new prospects.

How to get started with Calendly + Kommute

While automated scheduling makes the sales process more efficient, video messaging adds a personalized touch. Ultimately, by using Calendly and Kommute in tandem, sales teams can combine the expressive, persuasive power of video with the convenience of online scheduling to create a sales process that is both efficient and personal.

So what’s the next step? Try out Calendly + Kommute today.

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Kommute biography

Kommute is the all-in-one solution for better remote team communication. This article was written in partnership with the Calendly marketing team.

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