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Be more prepared for meetings by combining Clearbit and Calendly


Zachary Swetz, September 28, 2021

In a perfect world, your sales team members are familiar with everything about the leads they meet, understand their organizations’ needs, and know exactly how to create value for them.

Yet too often, sales reps go into meetings knowing little about their prospect, and spend much of their time learning during the course of a call. Unfortunately, that means spending valuable time collecting background information instead of finding optimal solutions — and potentially missing a new revenue opportunity.

Connecting Clearbit and Calendly: Better preparation through automation

Fortunately, automation is here to help. With tools like Clearbit and Calendly, your team gets the business data they need to have more successful interactions without creating extra administrative work.

If you’re unfamiliar with Clearbit, they offer a data platform for B2B sales and marketing teams that combines rich information about every company with a website — size, industry, location, job titles, contacts, etc. — with a platform to apply that real-time intelligence to their go-to-market systems. Teams use Clearbit to get the full picture of their target market and prospects — revealing hidden pipeline and converting more customers.

Today, I’m going to show you a pre-built Zapier automation to get Clearbit-enriched Calendly meeting reminders in your Slack. (It’s a Zap template anyone can use. Just click on "try this Zap.")

Once you set up this Zap, every time someone books a meeting using your Calendly link, you'll receive a Slack notification one day before your meeting. The notification will be enriched by Clearbit so you’ll know exactly who you're meeting with, and you’ll have all of the context of them and their company beforehand.

Clearbit + Calendly full Slack notification

The Clearbit-enriched notification will tell you the person’s name, how to get in touch with them on LinkedIn and Twitter, and a bunch of other valuable background information about the company the person works for, such as their industry, employee count, location, and annual revenue.

This level of conversational personalization is really powerful, and it's a fun use case for Calendly and the Clearbit enrichment API.

Note: Your Calendly account must be on a Professional or Teams plan to use Zapier. On our free Basic or Essentials plan? Upgrade today to get instant access.

Step-by-step instructions to pull Clearbit-enriched Calendly reminders into Slack

1. Get the Zap

Visit Zapier to access the pre-built template and click on “Try this Zap.” You’ll need to sign into Zapier or create an account.

Clearbit + Calendly intro screen

2. Select your Calendly account or log in

Sign into the Calendly account you want to connect. If you haven’t connected Calendly with Zapier yet, you may be prompted to enter your API key, which you can find by navigating to the Zapier Integration page

Clearbit + Calendly trigger screen

3. Test your trigger

You should see the Zap display information about the party you’re meeting with. This will pull in information from Calendly.

Clearbit + Calendly test trigger screen

4. Enrich your data 

Clearbit's B2B dataset will look up the email of the person who scheduled the meeting, which will give you information about that person and their company.

Clearbit + Calendly Find person - choose app & event screen

If you haven’t connected your Clearbit account with Zapier using the API, you’ll be prompted to sign into Clearbit. Select your Clearbit Enrichment account or log in. Clearbit will enrich the email of the person who booked time on your calendar.

You’ll see a bunch of incredibly valuable Clearbit information about who booked that meeting, where they work, and what they work on, in addition to intel on the company itself that you can use to personalize your conversation.

Clearbit + Calendly Find person - set up action

Click "Test & Continue" to test your Zap using real Clearbit data.

Clearbit + Calendly Find person - test action

5. Reformat date/time

Next, we’ll reformat and recalibrate the date and the time. I like to get my reminders a day in advance, so I take the event's start time from Calendly here, and then subtract one day from it.

Clearbit + Calendly reformat date

This new date can now be used to send me a Slack message one day before the actual meeting, so I have time to read it and prepare.

Click "Test & Continue" to advance to the next step.

Clearbit + Calendly reformat date - test

6. Send the info to Slack

Select your Slack account, or log in.

Clearbit + Calendly Slack - choose account

From the dropdown, you can choose whether to send the notification to a channel or your own username. It’ll automatically be sent to you directly by an Enriched Calendly Meeting bot.

Clearbit + Calendly Slack set up action

Go ahead and test this action, and then turn it on — click "Continue" and then "Test & Continue" to finalize the test. (Note: You’ll see a test message sent one day before your scheduled meeting.)

Clearbit + Calendly Slack test action

Click "Turn on Zap," and your automation is now live!

Clearbit + Calendly Slack Turn on Zap

Now, every time someone books a meeting on your Calendly page , you'll get a message into your Slack channel one day before you're actually meeting with them. The notification tells you how to get in touch with the invitee, how to view their LinkedIn profile, when you're meeting, and all of their background information.

No more missing background context on who you’re meeting or where they work; no more wasting time on sales calls and missed opportunities. Instead, you can stay in the know of who you're meeting with, and have all the context you need before the call, so you can make the most and best use of that time.

Get started with the Calendly <> Clearbit <> Slack Zap today.

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Zachary Swetz biography
Zachary Swetz

Zach is Senior Product Manager at Clearbit. Follow him on Twitter at @SwetzEquity for more automation ideas.

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