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How to Use Calendly with Video to Make Great Hires

Combine the efficiency of automated scheduling with the personalization of video outreach.

New year, new career

Here are some tips to help you prepare for seeking a new career.

5 Ways Self Scheduling Makes Interviews More Efficient

Improve your interview process with these tips from JazzHR.

Calendly Recruiters Share Their Advice on Searching for a Job in a Global Pandemic

If you’ve recently found yourself back on the job market, here's some advice on how to land your...

How to Customize Your Interview Questions for Remote Workers

Some people thrive as remote employees. They’re independently motivated and can get...

How to Write an Email to Schedule an Interview

How to Write an Email to Schedule an Interview

How to Respond to an Employer Interview Request

You update and polish your resume. You research every hiring company and tailor your cover letter.

Remote Onboarding Checklist

You need a remote onboarding experience that’s comprehensive and welcoming. 

Sending an Email to Confirm an Interview

From the resume you submit to your final interview, every interaction with a hiring company

The 10 Reasons Your Recruitment Strategy Isn't Working

The 30 Best Welcome Messages for New Employees

A new employee introduction email can go a long way, connecting the new person...

Tips for hiring on a tight deadline

When your schedule is tight, it's easy to let hiring fall to the bottom of the to-do list.

Best Recruiting Software of 2021 - A Buyer's Guide

Talent acquisition is no longer a matter of simply filling open positions. Recruiters have to...

The Best Recruitment Software for Agencies and Employers: Top Picks for 2020

It’s about finding the best people and attracting them with enticing job descriptions.

Top 10 Recruitment Apps for Talent Strategy and Acquisition

Most of us have submitted resumes through Indeed or Monster at some point in our lives.

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