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Jun. 02, 2020

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It used to take a long time to schedule a meeting. You’d have to page through your paper appointment book, find a time that’s open in your schedule, and see if it worked for the other person. Often it wouldn’t, and then the other person would be paging through their appointment book, and the whole process would start over again.

You don’t have to do that anymore. Now, with an appointment manager like Calendly, you can set your availability and send a link with available appointment information to your invitees. They choose the time that works for them and voilà — you’re good to go. 

What can you do with Calendly’s customer appointment manager?

Calendly lets you book appointments faster. At every level, including the free Basic level, you get a personalized Calendly link that sends invitees to your booking page. Invitees see your available meeting slots and can choose the one that works for them without the back-and-forth usually associated with the scheduling process.

There’s no limit on the number of events and appointments you can schedule, even at the free Basic level. If you upgrade to an Essentials or Professional account, you get access to additional features

Essentials level

With an Essentials subscription, you can manage two appointment books per user. You also get the freedom to schedule more than one type of event, changing the location, duration and other event details. It enables you to book group events like tours, webinars and classes.

Essentials also allows you to:

  • Add links to event confirmations so invitees can visit your site, payment page or custom page of your choice

  • Remove Calendly’s branding on your scheduling communications

  • View statistics on your invites so you can see where your business is coming from and what appointment types are most popular 

  • Integrate with Zoom and GoToMeeting so you can connect virtually

Professional level

The Professional level gives you everything you get with an Essentials subscription and more. It allows you to show pooled availability options, which is great if you work with a team. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding that one perfect time slot when everyone on your team is free for a round-robin or group meeting.

As a Professional member, you can:

  • Redirect confirmed invitees to a web page of your choice

  • Customize scheduling page colors on your website so they match your branding

  • Integrate with HubSpot, Mailchimp and Salesforce for easier marketing

  • Integrate with Stripe and PayPal so you can take appointment payments at the time of booking

  • Connect to Google Analytics and Meta Pixel (formerly Facebook Pixel) for more accurate reporting 

Need to streamline even more? A Professional account lets you connect more than 700 different apps through Zapier. Whether you want to notify your team of a meeting through Slack or update your lead information in your customer relationship manager, Zapier can automate those functions to save you even more time.

Appointment scheduling software gives you flexibility

Calendly makes it easy for you to share appointment details with your colleagues, clients, and anyone else you might need to meet with. They just have to click the link you sent to see all of your available time slots.

Create your appointment calendar

Never worry again about the back and forth of “Is this a good time?” and “I’ll have to be done by four.” Calendly lets you specify when you’re available and will only offer those times for appointments. There’s no confusion about whether you’re available on weekends or what time you log off in the afternoon.

Calendly allows you to set recurring availability as well. If you want to start your Tuesdays at noon, you just mark your schedule accordingly and choose Apply to all Tuesdays. You can apply similar settings to multiple days of the week.

You can even set custom availability for specific days or block off a certain date as unavailable. Your unavailable times won’t show on your custom calendar, and no one will be able to tell whether you have another appointment at that time or are just taking that day off. You can even mark yourself as unavailable across all of your calendars by selecting that particular time block as Busy.

No matter how many changes you make, Calendly will only show your clients the times that you’ve marked as available. Your complex calendar looks simple and straightforward on their end.

With an Essentials account or higher, you can create multiple event types with different durations, locations, in-advance booking options and more. 

Schedule recurring events

Calendly is a great tool for when you need to book repeat appointments. You can schedule appointments up to 60 days ahead of time or restrict this option to suit your needs. 

Only booking appointments up through the end of next month? No problem. Invitees can select only the times you say they can choose.

Ask invitee questions

Whether you need a lot of information from your invitees or just the basics, a customer appointment manager lets you ask the right questions and record the answers so you can find them easily later.

Calendly asks for invitee names and email addresses by default so that the system can send confirmations. You can also add more questions, which the system will save to your Scheduled Events tab and include in notifications.

You can add up to 10 questions of different types, including free-form responses and checkboxes. Whether you want to restrict respondents to one answer type or let them choose as many as they need, Calendly has you covered.

Invite additional guests

As part of the invitee questions functionality, you can also let invitees add additional guests. Guests get an invitation or a copy of the confirmation email, and added guests will be listed under the event’s title on your Calendly home page.  

Appointment manager software is customer-friendly

People want to know that you have everything sorted in terms of appointment scheduling. With Calendly, you can offer people that sense of confidence without having to take on the extra work of confirming appointments, sending reminders and responding to requests for rescheduling. Calendly takes over all of that for you.

Confirm appointments and add them to your calendar automatically

Businesses used to need someone on staff who was responsible for calling people to confirm appointments. Many still do things that way, but you can save countless staff hours by automating the process, and there’s no loss to service level.

At all subscription levels, including the free level, Calendly users and their invitees get automatic notifications of new meetings and cancellations. 

If you use an on-screen calendar like Google or Outlook, you can connect your Calendly account and send invitations directly from your calendar. This automatically adds the event to both your calendar and your invitee’s calendar. Then, if you change any appointment information on your calendar, those changes get applied to your invitee’s calendar as well. 

This feature is available for all one-on-one meetings. 

Provide self-service cancellation and rescheduling

You or your staff members can spend a lot of time responding to cancellation and reschedule requests. Calendly takes these tasks off of your plate by allowing invitees to cancel or reschedule events on their own. 

Invitees just have to follow the link that’s included in their confirmation email. If they choose to reschedule, they can select a new time from the blocks you’ve marked as available. 

If you don’t want people to be able to change events, you can remove this link from your confirmation emails.

Send customized reminders

Stressed out by no-shows? If you’re a subscriber at the Professional level or above, you can send emails or text reminders before an event or appointment. 

Texts come from a Calendly phone number and go to the number that the invitee provided when they signed up. The Professional level allows you to send an unlimited number of personalized texts.

You can personalize emails at the Essentials or Professional levels. Emails also give you the option to include event details and/or provide the option for the invitee to cancel or reschedule.

Reminder emails are a great place for you to add any custom questions you need to ask before the appointment. If anyone might have special requirements, such as medical needs or accessibility concerns, these custom questions let you know before it becomes an issue. Emails also provide the option for the invitee to cancel or reschedule.  

If you’re a Professional subscriber, you can send as many text reminders as you want at no extra charge.

Working with teams

Before appointment manager software, adding more people almost always made scheduling harder. Now, all you need is a Calendly account at the Professional level or higher and your team can do all of the scheduling it needs to do.

You can:

  • Book appointments and assign them automatically to an available team member

  • Allow invitees to schedule a meeting with a specific person or people from your team

  • Show all team members’ availability on a single page

  • Host multiple team members for a conference, webinar, training, and so on

Calendly believes in easy adoption for all teams, so everyone’s subscriptions go on one centralized bill, no matter how many team members you have. 

Streamline your appointment scheduling today

Say goodbye to the hassles of scheduling using a paper appointment book. With Calendly, you just set your availability times, send a link, and let your invitee choose a time. It’s easy for everyone and allows you to focus on providing great service.

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