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Calendly, May 06, 2020

Talk to anyone who has been in sales and they’ll tell you: time kills all deals. We all know it’s crucial to get leads to schedule with you as soon as they’re interested.

That’s where Calendly comes in. No matter what growth stage your business is currently in, adding scheduling automation to your sales workflows will help you close more deals faster.

When you automate scheduling, you make it easy for leads to schedule demos when they’re most interested and you take the manual work off of your reps.

That means you’ll see these big wins for your sales team:

  • More of your website visitors turn into qualified leads and then scheduled demos

  • More of your scheduled demos turn into paying customers

  • Your sales cycle will be shortened by days or even weeks because you’ll eliminate the costly back-and-forth of finding a time to meet and discovery will no longer have to be put on the back burner

How can you do this using Calendly? 

We’re offering up two different workflows you can implement into your sales process based on your current process.

We recently touched on this in a webinar on how to book demos and close deals faster with automatically qualified leads (see bottom of article) but we’re sharing our complete guide here!

1. Optimize your lead campaigns with scheduling automation

Without an automated way for your leads to book a meeting, we’ve found it often takes 4 or more back-and-forth emails just to set up a meeting, adding hours or days to your sales cycle. Not only is this poor service for your lead and deadly to your close rates, it also drains your sales reps’ productivity.

To close more deals that are low-effort and high impact, add a unique scheduling link to your automated emails.

You’ll find value from starting with this workflow if your organization intakes leads on a form and your team then reaches out manually or you send an automated follow-up email, but that email doesn’t include an automated way for your leads to schedule a meeting.

This won’t take much time to set up, and it will start driving immediate results for you and your team, like:

  • Your leads will be able to book a meeting with you right away.

  • You’ll improve your time-to-demo and make sure you’re connecting while the lead is still warm.

  • If you have a high volume of leads coming in, this will help weed out the non-serious buyers, before they take up too much of your reps’ time.

Proving this technique works, Geographic Farm exceeded their quota of 500 consultations a month using this exact automated round robin workflow.

When setting this up in Calendly, use the following to optimize your workflow:

TIP: Use round robin to maximize your time-to-book

round robin feature distributes leads among your sales reps so that leads can meet with the first person available. It increases the odds that a lead can find the time that works best for them, and you’ll do this without disrupting your existing sales process or lead distribution among reps.

TRICK: Create a few different event types

You can automatically select which message and Event Type link you send to a prospect based on their answers on your lead form, ensuring that the meeting they book is set up to be productive.

Related reading: Get more out of Calendly with multiple Event Types

TIP: Set a cap on the number of meetings that can be scheduled in a single day

Time management is key for your reps. You want to find the balance between a rep connecting with a lead as soon as possible, while still having the time to manage other tasks and responsibilities. With Calendly’s event type settings, you can set a predetermined limit on the number of meetings that can be booked on a single rep’s calendar in a day.

TIP: Prevent last-minute meetings

Use Calendly to specify how far in advance a meeting can get booked. We’ve made the default notice 4 hours, but you can edit it to be any timeframe you would like it to be.

2. Convert inbound traffic to more discovery calls and demos

Once you’ve already incorporated automated scheduling into your process, your biggest opportunity is getting more of your website visitors to convert to leads. When your transaction size is higher, you’ll naturally see fewer inbound leads. However, it’s more worthwhile for your reps to connect with them as they’re likely high-value leads.

To get leads moving through your funnel right away, add a scheduling link as your “contact” or “schedule a demo” button on your website.

You’ll find value from this workflow if you use a form on your website to qualify leads and you then send an email with a scheduling link to those who are qualified. You’ll also find value from this if you have high transaction size or a lot of traffic to your website but aren’t seeing that traffic convert to leads at the rate you’d like.

There are multiple options for embedding Calendly on your website. Setup is simple for all of them and you’ll start seeing results right away, like:

  • Your highest intent leads will be able to schedule with you when they’re most interested.

  • Your reps will be able to tackle your high lead volume and more.

  • You’ll experience an increase in scheduled demos.

Virtru had incredible organic traffic to their site, but only a third of the visitors were scheduling demos. They doubled their demos by embedding Calendly in their lead form’s “thank you” page for those qualified. Their reps can now easily keep up with their inbound lead volume — and the best part, it only took about two weeks to implement and start seeing this ROI!

When implementing this workflow, we recommend the following:

TIP: Consider your win rate and average deal size.

There are two metrics that help determine if this type of optimization makes sense for your sales org: your win rate and your average deal size.

If your sales win-rate isn’t close to where you’d like it to be, or if you don’t feel the leads you have coming in through your site are as qualified as you’d like, opening up the top of the funnel may not be as effective for winning more business.

If your team has a lower transaction size, we also recommend proceeding with caution. If your ACV is under what you think it should be — or if you have a high lead volume — you’ll want to focus on putting the time into the deals you have coming in (versus getting more opportunities set up).

TIP: Add a CTA to schedule where your highest-intent traffic is.

If you’re planning to make it easy to schedule a time to talk at the click of a button, make sure you’re creating that easy path on the same pages where your highest-intent traffic lives. The goal here isn’t to let anyone schedule a time, rather to make it frictionless for your highest-intent, highest-potential leads to get into a meeting.

TRICK: Create different event types for the high-intent pages on your website

If you have multiple high-traffic, high-intent pages on your website, creating a unique Event Type in Calendly for each page allows you to provide more customized experiences — ultimately increasing your chances of conversion.

For example, there may be certain pages on your website that you know your highest ACV leads typically land on. In this case, you could create an event type in Calendly that routes these meetings to a specific rep on your team or round robin assign them to your AEs.

Take control of your calendar and keep deals alive

Time may kill deals, but now you’re armed with knowledge on how to accelerate your sales cycle using automation efficiently. It’s a sustainable solution that can scale as your business and lead volume grows.

Automating your sales cycle shouldn’t be complicated. With Calendly added to your tech stack, you’ll see an impact on your bottom line within just a few weeks.

Try Calendly with your team

To hear our CEO, Tope Awotona, share his thoughts on sales automation with Calendly check out this webinar we recently hosted on how to book demos + close deals faster with automatically qualified leads.


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