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Workflows secret recipes to feed your meeting lifecycle

Caitlin Brett, September 09, 2020

When it comes to cooking up recipes for Calendly’s brand new Workflows — automations that power all pre- and post-meeting communications for your business — you could think of Calendly employees as a sort of America’s Test Kitchen.

Not only are we giving and receiving helpful feedback from customers using Workflows, we’re also putting them to work for ourselves to enhance our own meeting lifecycles.

In our tests and trials, we’ve discovered a few new ways to combine the raw ingredients into tasty Workflows that don’t necessarily come standard out-of-the-box in your Calendly account. 

3 productivity boosting Workflow ideas from Calendly

1. Send multiple reminders to invitees

When a client or prospect needs to put some forethought and preparation into their meeting with you, it’s helpful to send them more than one reminder. Many Calendly users find sending reminder emails 4 days and 24 hours prior to an event to be extremely handy.

Giving notice several days in advance can help your invitees plan their week to accommodate your meeting and fend off double-bookings. Couple that email with an additional email 24 hours prior, just to keep the appointment fresh in your invitees’ memories. 

Workflows allow you to mix and match the time, number, and content of all your reminder messages, so you can craft the cadence that works best for your business and your customers.


Workflows: Send multiple reminders image

2. Re-book canceled meetings sooner with follow-ups

While there are always going to be a handful of customers who cancel their meetings because they’re no longer interested in your product or service, most cancellations are simply due to a change in your client’s schedule.

To lighten up their heavy mental load, instead of requiring your customers to reschedule at the moment of cancellation, try sending a gentle reminder a few hours (or a day) later. This way, when they’re browsing their texts or emails leisurely at the end of their work day, they’re reminded again of your meeting and can take a few minutes to create a new appointment.


Workflows: Rebook cancellations image

3. Text yourself crucial meeting details

Those of us in back-to-back meetings all day know how important it is to collect our thoughts and consult our research before each conversation. (We know this, of course, because our schedule doesn’t allow us to do it, and our meetings suffer as a consequence.)

One of the easiest Workflows a busy person can gift themselves is a text reminder—with all the important context they need to conduct a smooth meeting.

The secret ingredients in this recipe are Variables: data snippets you can insert into the body of your messages. You can include a variety of information, such as the number of attendees, their information, the source or campaign through which they found you, and any answers they gave to custom questions on the booking form.

By sending these crucial details to yourself in a timely and easy-to-digest format, you’re setting yourself up for seamless, efficient meetings.


Workflows: Text reminder to host

Time to get cooking!

Will you try our recipes as written or experiment with the ingredients to come up with Workflows that are uniquely your own? We hope you enjoy and expand upon our ideas to automate the communications that power your meeting lifecycle.

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