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March 24, 2021
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Introducing Calendly for Slack

Slack + Calendly

By Whitney Rudeseal Peet

Scheduling meetings, especially with external partners and teams, can be a serious hassle — a long email thread finding the perfect time, forgetting to put someone on the invite list, a request to reschedule gets lost in the inbox and you wonder why you’re the only one on the conference call.

It’s a pain we’re all too familiar with, and adding the extra ruffle of cross-organization collaboration can make it much worse. Tools like Calendly and Slack are all too familiar with this issue and actively work on solutions that make it better.

Today, Slack announced a new ability to directly message people from other companies and create channels with them, eliminating the barriers that long email threads often add and speeding up the process of working together.

And we’re thrilled to announce that we’re a part of that effort: introducing the new Calendly for Slack app!

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Introducing Calendly for Slack

Calendly already helps make scheduling faster and more efficient than ever; combine that with the power of Slack, and you’re scheduling meetings at the speed of light.

Access and share your Calendly links without ever leaving Slack

When you connect your Calendly account to Slack, you can access and share your Calendly links in the context of Slack messages and channels.

Without navigating away from Slack, choose the channel or direct message where you want to share your Calendly link with an optional personal message.

You aren’t just dropping another link in Slack — you’re giving others a preview of the important details for a potential meeting.

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Create a seamless scheduling experience for everyone

Successfully book more meetings by sharing your availability and any additional context with the person you want to connect with.

They’ll feel more confident in taking the next step to schedule, and you’ll feel more prepared.

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Trigger time-saving automations when someone schedules a meeting

A meeting scheduled through Slack will still trigger any actions you've set up in your Calendly account, like adding a video conferencing link, sending meeting details to your CRM, and more. (You can learn more about our available integrations here.)

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Ready to start scheduling meetings in Slack?

Our new Calendly app for Slack is available now! All you need to do is connect your Calendly account to Slack through Slack’s app directory and you’re ready to go.

Whitney Rudeseal Peet

Whitney Rudeseal Peet

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