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5 ways chatbots can optimize your Calendly meetings conversion


Landbot, March 31, 2021

Conversions are the lifeline of every business. Customer journeys often consist of a series of self-service touchpoints, leading prospects from brand awareness to the purchase stage without human interference. However, not every business model offers such independence. Requiring a sales meeting to close the deal sets the stakes much higher.

Naturally, Calendly makes scheduling meetings a piece of cake for both the prospects and your team. Still, having the time to run a live meeting with every inquiring prospect is impossible. Sales agents often lose time with leads who aren’t ready to convert just yet or, worse, are no-shows.

We have good news: chatbots can come to the rescue.

They can help you create a well-oiled, optimized conversion funnel to weed out bad leads, fast-track the strong ones and transform them into customers more efficiently, without wasting precious resources.

How chatbots optimize sales meeting efficiency and conversion rates

Let’s look at how chatbots can help you optimize your sales meeting efficiency and conversion rate!

1. Score leads in real time

First and foremost, using a chatbot enables you to qualify and score leads on the go.

What does that mean in practice?

A chatbot can take up the form of a chat widget or pop-up, be seamlessly embedded into your website, or even act as a stand-alone landing page. Instead of merely allowing any visitor to book a meeting with Calendly, the bot first strikes a conversation. It takes visitors down a carefully designed flow to determine their relevance.

No-code builders like Landbot allow you to build lead scoring sequences using features such as conditional logic and variable calculations.

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Each answered question is instantly evaluated and assessed, giving you a strong sense of the lead’s quality on the very first touchpoint.

2. Fast-track qualified leads

Another advantage of using chatbots is their ability to fast-track or prioritize high-scoring leads, ensuring they receive the fastest service possible.

Our native Calendly integration allows you to set everything up in just a few clicks. When configuring the integration, you can select the Calendly account and personalize the invitation:

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For instance, high-scoring leads can be directed to book meetings with your senior sales reps or given access to a calendar with more convenient time slots.

3. Resolve routine queries

Unlike a simple web form, a chatbot can serve several purposes at once. Better yet, it can serve those multiple purposes only when necessary, giving each visitor personalized treatment.

Some leads prefer to talk to you face-to-face instead of wasting their time looking up information on their own. These leads can engage with the bot and take the shortest route to a meeting, only answering basic qualification questions.

Others, however, can have doubts and prefer to find out more before committing to a meeting. Chatbots can easily adapt to this scenario and offer to answer frequently asked questions or share additional content.

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Whatever the case, a conversational bot can adapt (or better said, you can adapt it) to any lead type.

4. Send reminders and updates

One of the biggest challenges of online meetings is controlling the no-show rate. Getting a lead to commit to a meeting might be challenging, but ensuring they actually attend it takes that challenge to a whole new level. Some forget; some, sadly, simply don’t care enough to cancel.

Chatbots, once again, prove helpful.

After the user books a meeting via the conversational interface, you can trigger a back-end notification that sends an automated email to the user with the meeting details.

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Other options include asking for a phone number to send an SMS, or obtaining a WhatsApp opt-in so you can send a reminder via WhatsApp.

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5. Collect and leverage feedback efficiently

Last but not least, chatbots have the uncanny advantage of collecting information and feedback without eliciting user frustration.

You can use this to your advantage both before and after the meeting.

We already mentioned chatbots can act as support agents, assisting leads who are not yet ready to commit to a meeting. However, no matter how well you stuff your flow with information, you will likely miss something. You can encourage users to submit questions or comments about information and answers they failed to find. It will help you better understand their pain points and give you ideas to improve your content and structure.

After the meeting, you can leverage chatbots to engage the prospects and gather feedback about their experience. It can help you identify mistakes and shortcomings of your current approach and give you a chance to make changes and increase the conversion rate.

Why bet on chatbots today?

After failing to live up to the unrealistic hype when it first came into focus, chatbot technology and, more importantly, our understanding of its utility and application, has advanced significantly.

Today, instead of expecting a human-like experience, users appreciate chatbots for 24/7 support, immediacy of service, and customization of their experiences. They are heavily used to automate and speed up processes without compromising on the necessity of human touch.

The most significant disruption on the chatbot market is no-code platforms like Landbot. By enabling non-technical professionals to build chatbots in minutes, we democratized access to conversational technology. Small or medium companies can stand up to their enterprise competitors with their own conversational solutions.

Calendly is exceptionally useful in scheduling meetings. Adding a chatbot to your scheduling pipeline can render it even more powerful, ensuring each scheduled meeting delivers the highest possible value.

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