Three new Workflows improvements to increase attendance & decrease busy work


Derek Kim

Derek Kim
Jul. 21, 2021

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In September 2020, we introduced Workflows to the Calendly platform. Designed to make meetings even simpler and productive, Workflows give meeting hosts a variety of ways to automatically send communications to invitees before and after meetings. 

Using ready-made templates like reminders, follow-ups, and thank yous, Workflows helped boost meeting attendance, increase engagement, and standardize communications — all while saving hosts time.

We’re so thrilled with how quickly Workflows have become one of the most valued features for Calendly users. Today, we’re excited to announce three new enhancements that give you even more control and personalization throughout your meeting lifecycle. 

Send Workflows from your own Gmail or Outlook account

While Workflows are a huge timesaver, many of our users asked for the ability for emails to be sent from their own accounts — not from Calendly. Starting today, you can connect your own Gmail or Outlook account to send Workflows directly from your email address. 

Give your invitees a sense of security and personalization, while still ensuring critical communications like reminders and follow-ups are sent. 

See how Kendall Berger (Product Manager, Integrations) sets up Workflows that send from her personal Outlook account.

See how Kurt Heinrich (Product Manager, Workflows) sets up Workflows that send from his Gmail.

Improve meeting attendance with reconfirmations

With reconfirmations — our newest Workflow action — meeting hosts can reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations by automatically prompting invitees to reconfirm their attendance before an upcoming event. 

Ask invitees to confirm by email or text, and schedule it to send days, hours, or minutes before your upcoming event. Invitees can confirm their attendance from their phone or desktop. Invitees who confirm will be noted in your Scheduled Events tab. 

Learn more about setting up reconfirmations.

Use Calendly Workflows to ask invitees to confirm by email or text, and schedule it to send days, hours, or minutes before your upcoming event.

Track invitee engagement with no-shows

With no-shows, you can better manage and track your invitees’ engagement over time. Meeting hosts can mark whether an invitee attended a scheduled event. If marked as a no-show, invitees will not receive scheduled post-meeting Workflows like thank yous or follow-ups. 

Pro tip: Combine no-shows with the new reconfirmation Workflow to track invitees’ meeting attendance both before and after events.

Learn more about setting up no-shows.


How do I get started?

Log into your Calendly account to try out the new Workflows enhancements today. 

Workflows is a Professional plan and above feature. On our free Basic or Essentials tiers? Learn more about Workflows or upgrade today to get instant access.

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Derek Kim

Derek Kim

Derek is a B2B SaaS product marketing professional and a Calendly alum. He lives with his cat Fancy and collects white highlight tattoos.


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