How to Fill Pipeline During Economic Uncertainty

Webinar Length

56 minutes

Sales is always competitive, but now there is an additional competitor to face — selling against the status quo with smaller budgets and potential cost-cutting.

Selling during an economic downturn means looking at your process through a new lens to get creative, be more proactive, overcome objections, and practice empathy to deliver solutions that help customers solve today’s problems. The best place to begin making adjustments is at the start of your sales cycle — because now you may need more leads in your pipeline to reach sales goals.

In this webinar, you’ll learn new strategies to elevate pipeline creation:

  • Optimize inbound lead generation

  • Drive more action with outbound efforts

  • Involve all decision makers with easier scheduling

  • Drive more customer value with follow-ups

  • Reapproach select closed/lost opportunities

And to bring it all together, you'll hear how Calendly scheduling automation supports these strategies to improve your sales cycle and drive more revenue.


Mark Hunter

Host of The Sales Hunter and Sales Logic Podcast

Molly McKinstry

Molly McKinstry

Head of Sales


Meridith Elliott Powell

Host of The Sales Logic Podcast

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