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Tired of writing your job postings from scratch? When you aren’t sure what to include in the description and have no standard company JD to compare to — writing the posting can feel more difficult than finding the right candidate. 

At Calendly, we use a standardized template that helps keep our job descriptions consistent, no matter who writes them. Fortunately, you can steal the template for your swipe file. 

You can use this pre-built job description template to:

  • Introduce more consistency in your hiring process

  • Create job postings in advance

  • Get a head start on specialized roles

  • Post evergreen roles immediately

  • Find qualified candidates faster

Here’s what you’ll find in Calendly’s job posting template: company details, benefit summaries, information about the application process, and much more! 

Download your free job posting template to secure the best and brightest talent faster than your competitors!

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