Hackbright Academy prepares top female software engineers

Simplifying and maximizing the admissions interview process to ensure graduate success

Hackbright Academy boasts an extremely efficient teaching model, preparing women for full-time software engineering positions in 10 weeks. But their admissions process was counterintuitive and inefficient.

Making time for the most important components of the admissions process

Scheduling admissions interviews was time consuming for Kristen Yarbrough, head of Hackbright’s admissions. Many applicants were being evaluated solely on their written application, rather than on qualities that require live interaction to shine through: work ethic, willingness to accept instruction and aptitude in the field. Without time to interview all applicants, Kristen wasn’t able to recruit the top talent.

“It was frustrating turning people down for an interview based on essay questions that might not really convey what they can do as a programmer. It’s entirely possible for someone to be a great developer, even if they’re not a great writer. The more people we can interview, the fairer our admissions process can be.”

Creating opportunity for more interviews and a higher quality applicant pool

By implementing Calendly, Hackbright has created the fair, well-rounded interview process it needed.

When it’s time to schedule an interview, Kristen sends the applicant her Calendly link. Once the applicant schedules a time, they get a confirmation email outlining next steps. Not having to copy and paste all of that interview information and trade emails to find a suitable time to speak saves Kristen time.

The applicant also gets an automatic reminder the day before her interview, which has helped decrease the number of no-shows. If the applicant is a good fit, she’s invited to book a second interview, and the process repeats. This streamlined workflow reduced human error and technical difficulties, and improved the admissions process.

The result of using Calendly?

Hackbright conducts more admissions interviews, providing a well-rounded view of the candidates and a larger pool of students from which to shape the next class. There’s also a greater likelihood of graduates succeeding—which allows Hackbright to further develop its program, preparing even more women for successful programming careers.

“Conducting more interviews allows us to recruit a better class. Our students get placed in jobs more frequently, and this in turn helps strengthen the program.”


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