Calendly Delivered 318% ROI Finds New Total Economic Impact Study

Independent research shows secure, scalable scheduling automation improves customer satisfaction and retention, hiring cycles, and cost savings in the enterprise

September 18, 2023

ATLANTA, September 18, 2023 – Calendly, the only centralized scheduling automation platform built for scaling across the organization, today revealed findings from a newly commissioned Total Economic Impact (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Calendly that found customers achieved a 318% ROI and $687,000 in total net benefits over three years by using its technology. The Forrester study found Calendly greatly improves customer satisfaction and retention rates, hiring cycles, cost savings, team productivity, and other key business metrics tied to performance for external teams within the enterprise.

Today’s buying process has become much more complex and intensive. As of 2022, organizations use an average of 130 SaaS applications, up from 80 in 2020. Software providers need to prove why they’re the right enterprise technology partner to provide maximum strategic value as buyers become more critical of spend. In a recent announcement, Calendly shared adoption of Calendly for Enterprise grew 61% year over year in July, with 86% of the Fortune 500 and 14 of the top 15 Fortune 500 financial companies using the platform today.

There’s nothing better than receiving, in our opinion, this validation from the enterprise and analyst communities. I’m proud that our customers choose Calendly to help them with some of their teams’ most crucial challenges when it comes to meetings. Our priority is to help them save costs and deliver meaningful business impact across their meeting lifecycle.

Testimonial author

Tope Awotona

Founder, Chief Executive Officer at Calendly

Forrester interviewed four customers — Atlassian, DocuSign, Semrush, and GardaWorld — to create a composite organization for the study based on Calendly implementation costs, benefits, risks data, and other factors. The TEI study found the following benefits from implementing Calendly:

  • Boosted annual profits by $180,000 by driving a 1.5% increase in customer renewal rates. Calendly helps teams with retention and expansion by delivering a more personalized experience and enabling them to better understand the customer’s business goals and challenges. Teams can use Calendly to automate and manage meeting communications to make handoffs between sales and customer success teams, arranging onboarding and support calls, and scheduling with multiple stakeholders over Round Robin and Collective team scheduling, easier.

  • Shortened the recruiting cycle by nearly six days. Recruiters hire applicants faster while improving the candidate experience and streamlining interview scheduling with Calendly and Calendly’s Prelude product. This is essential considering 78% of recruiting professionals say they’ve lost a candidate because they couldn’t schedule an interview quickly enough, found a Calendly study conducted in 2023.

  • Increased efficiency by saving more than 9,000 hours in three years. Routing capabilities improve speed to lead for sales and marketing teams, automated time zone detections make it easy to schedule during working hours, and Calendly’s 100+ integrations to enterprise-grade ATSs, CRMs, and more reduce time spent switching applications or inputting meeting data.

  • Improved decision-making from gleaned insights. Organizations can use Calendly Analytics to unearth trends, such as popular meeting days, top performers, and in-demand meeting types, while making informed decisions to elevate their revenue cycle.

  • Improved overall employee satisfaction. Customers are freed from manual, redundant administrative tasks associated with meetings like frequent follow-ups and reschedules so they can focus on strategic work.

Key customer quotes shared in the study include:

  • “One of [our] pain points was trying to schedule with external clients while keeping their data safely secured,” said a global collaboration specialist at Atlassian. “Calendly really supports their existing workflows.”

  • “A couple of years ago, we were at 21 days [in our recruiting process], and then we got it down to 17 days,” said a senior director of talent acquisition at GardaWorld. “[Now it is] about 15 and a half days from application to when they’re earning a paycheck.”

  • “Coming from an expansion deal, Calendly really helps us connect with our paid clients much easier, and it allows us to uncover different expansion opportunities quicker,” said a sales project manager at Semrush. “If we’re able to get a demo booked with one of our paid clients, it can take fewer and fewer meetings to execute that expansion or make sure the renewal is on time.”

To read the full Forrester study on Calendly’s scheduling automation platform, click here. Visit our website here to learn about Calendly for the Enterprise.

About Calendly

Calendly helps individuals, teams, and organizations automate the meeting lifecycle by removing the back and forth with scheduling. Calendly’s cloud-based platform offers a new layer of the modern digital technology stack by connecting with critical tools to automate scheduling workflows, creates a more delightful customer experience, and provides insightful, measurable data to drive better business outcomes. Today, more than 20 million users across 230+ countries use Calendly to simplify meetings, collaborate more effectively and efficiently, and drive business forward.