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[E-book] How team leaders can create an outsized impact via scheduling automation

Emily Triplett Lentz, October 13, 2021

Alexia Flores' small-business solutions program at Lyft was overrun with inbound leads. (A happy problem, but a problem nonetheless.)

Pieter Dupree, a recruiter at Stack Overflow, needed a better way to sift contenders from pretenders so his team could fill vacancies with the best possible people.

Senior Product Manager A.C. Ivory at Ancestry.com wanted his researchers to dedicate as many hours as possible looking into their customers’ genealogy — not getting bogged down in email back-and-forths.

If you're a leader of a team drowning in administrative inefficiencies, you know you could be achieving more by streamlining certain processes — but perhaps you aren't sure where to start.

Fortunately, these leaders can show you how they've used scheduling automation to relieve their teams of drudgework, and allow them to focus on work that makes a real impact. Take a look at how easily they've transformed their processes, and how you can use the same approach to help your team accomplish its goals more quickly.

Download the e-book today to streamline scheduling and help your team achieve more.

Emily Triplett Lentz biography
Emily Triplett Lentz

Emily Triplett Lentz is Senior Manager of Brand and Content at Calendly.

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