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May 21, 2020
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Calendly’s Chrome Extension: The quickest way to schedule meetings right from your browser


By Calendly

Calendly’s Chrome extension brings automated scheduling right into your browser so you can find and share links in a click while you email or work in Chrome. It is simply the fastest way to share your links. How often do you have someone ask you to email them the times you’re free? With our ad hoc meetings feature in Calendly for Chrome, you can easily choose specific availability to embed in any email for one-click booking.

With an ever-growing list of capabilities to take advantage of the work you do in your browser, Calendly for Chrome is a real “game changer” as one recent reviewer put it:

“Calendly for Chrome makes it so convenient to include my Calendly links in emails—no more emailing back and forth or double scheduling!”

Check out this video to see how Calendly for Chrome works


Guide: How to maximize your use of Calendly for Chrome 

We created this guide to help you take advantage of the simple workflow our Chrome extension enables inside your browser for scheduling meetings and sharing your available time.

Share scheduling links in just a few seconds. Using the extension sidebar, you have access to all your Calendly links. In just one click, you can copy over your link to share in an email or another messaging platform to get a meeting scheduled faster. Pro tip: “star” your favorite Calendly links for even quicker access.

Calendly for Chrome gifff

Create ad hoc meetings to offer specific meeting times and improve business relationships. When you know exactly when you’d like to meet with someone or want to open up more availability for important contacts, you can create an ad hoc meeting by selecting availability from your calendar, copying it to the clipboard and embedding your selected time slots into your preferred email platform. You can also override busy events on your calendar for important meetings you want to get scheduled as soon as possible.

ad hoc meetings with chrome extension calendly

Use single-use links to avoid unwanted bookings. To protect your privacy, you can choose to generate a unique link associated with an event type. Once your invitee schedules, the link expires to restrict invitees from access in the future.

single use calendly link

Improve your team workflow. Add internal notes to your scheduling links in the extension sidebar to clarify to yourself or your teammates which Calendly event types are the best to use for each meeting.

team workflow calendly for chrome

Enhance your scheduling experience. Not only are you scheduling meetings more efficiently with Calendly for Chrome, but you’re also getting your availability in front of prospects, clients and contacts even quicker. With ad hoc meetings, your invitee skips extra steps of opening a link to schedule. Instead, they can select the best time right from their email.

Download the Chrome Extension Here

We’re committed to continually improving Calendly for Chrome to provide the best experience for our customers and their contacts.

What’s new in the latest Calendly for Chrome update?

  1. Create single-use links for your event types within your extension sidebar to avoid unwanted meetings

  2. Embed ad hoc availability within any email platform

  3. Select times that overlap with busy events on your connected calendar

  4. View more of your calendar when pulling availability

Just open your extension to start using these new features. If you haven’t downloaded the extension yet, get started today—setup takes just a few minutes and it’s completely free.


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