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[E-book] Improve team performance and productivity through modern scheduling

Thad Thompson, September 22, 2021

Powerful tech stacks automate almost every function In today’s business world, from marketing campaigns to customer management to document signing. It’s hard to find an area that isn’t touched by it somehow.

Except one.

Why is scheduling automation missing from so many tech stacks?

Scheduling is still largely a tedious, manual affair untouched by modern processes. That’s a shame, because that lack of automation drains time and productivity from high-performing teams. 

Why? Interacting with a high volume of customers and prospects is critical for high performers in sales, recruiting, customer service, and other roles. Their success depends on overcoming the challenge of finding availability across multiple time zones as well as internal and external schedules. 

The resulting back-and-forth communication means that people send an average of more than seven emails to schedule a single meeting. Now multiply that by all of your team members — and all of their contacts — across the entire customer lifecycle. The lost time piles up quickly.

That’s why automating your scheduling processes is a major step toward enhancing your team’s performance and ability to create revenue. The simple addition of a modern scheduling platform opens up many opportunities to increase efficiency and productivity:

  • Integration. Connecting a scheduling platform with your favorite tools in the tech stack makes the scheduling process frictionless.

  • Standardization: Aligning your scheduling software and playbooks helps you deliver a consistent message and best practices. 

  • Organization: Manage the many moving parts of large enterprise teams more easily. 

  • Comprehension: Reports and dashboards help you better understand and manage scheduling workflows.

No matter your business focus, adding scheduling automation to your tech stack can help you:

  • Close more deals

  • Recruit top talent

  • Create a better customer experience

  • Optimize team workflows

  • Gain insight into customer engagements

Are you ready to improve your team’s productivity and performance? Download the e-book today.

Thad Thompson biography
Thad Thompson

Thad is a Content Marketing Manager at Calendly. When not sharing scheduling and productivity insights, you’ll find him hiking trails with his family or thumping a bass with a power pop band.

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