Enhanced customer support at Conductor adds value, boosts retention


March 08, 2021


number of customer contacts

30% increase

in renewals with self-service model

Freed up

customer care team to focus on high-value tasks


500 employees
SaaS company that helps marketers create and optimize content to boost visibility online


Conductor’s platform generates customer intent insights for enterprise brands, but they found themselves slow to respond to the needs of their own clients. Calendly boosted efficiency and gave reps the data they needed to provide a customized response as they scaled-up service.

The challenge

Keeping contact with customers

Mergim Selimaj worried he had a problem. As the customer success manager at Conductor, he could see the company’s small accounts weren’t getting the personalized attention they really needed. As a SaaS company specializing in intelligent content and SEO improvement, Conductor helps companies customize marketing to fit their needs. Mergim needed to find ways of helping his reps deliver tailor-made service to match.

Mergim’s team wasn’t working at maximum efficiency. Each quarter the customer success team reached out to each of their 45 small accounts to check-in. Reps spent hours just scheduling — not to mention re-scheduling — calls. A week of hectic service calls would come on the heels of months of limited activity.

Even when the service finally did connect with customers, they rarely had a clear picture of their individual needs. Some clients only needed to speak once per year, while others had hoped for many more touchpoints. There just had to be a way to spread meetings more evenly, Mergim thought. Meanwhile, the customer care team needed a way to know more about the needs of each client. If only there were a way for clients to specify the kind of help they needed, whenever they wanted.

The solution

Upscaling account management

Put simply, Mergim was looking to scale-up by boosting efficiency across the whole team. He wanted his success reps to spend less time scheduling and more time engaging customers. Improved experience, and simpler ways of interfacing with customers, would only aid Conductor’s ability to deliver organic traffic and higher returns on customers’ tight marketing budgets.

Conductor’s platform lets clients customize their dashboards and workflows to create the kind of content they need. Mergim knew the solution to his own problem would likewise come from helping customers to help themselves.

He started by embedding a Calendly customer success scheduling page on the Help page of Conductor’s website. Then he both linked scheduling to Conductor’s app and added it to the email signatures of the company’s customer success reps. Soon enough, customers were scheduling calls whenever they needed, at times convenient for them. Calls were distributed round-robin so reps could address concerns promptly. Mergim calls the transformation “instrumental.”

The results

Improved retention, less churn

It didn’t take long to see the benefits. Calendly easily integrated with the other programs Conductor’s customer success team counted on. Information collected by Calendly meetings automatically fed into Salesforce, Slack and Trello. This streamlined workflow and allowed reps to click into every call with a complete customer profile. Being better prepared made it easier to tailor solutions to customer’s exact needs.

“I’ve been able to scale up with Calendly,” Mergim says. “A lot of colleagues were able to transfer their small accounts to me so they can focus on higher-value tasks.”

Less time wasted on scheduling led to improved customer experience, adding value to Conductor’s already unique offerings. Conductor has quadrupled its number of customer contacts. Reduced churn and improved service for companies big and small has translated into a 30% boost in renewals. Even as call volume rises, reps find themselves with more time to concentrate on customer experience. Quality has kept pace with quantity.

“I would not be able to do my job without Calendly,” Mergim says.

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Conductor is a technology company helping companies help their customers with the best marketing software and services.

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