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The 30 best welcome messages for new employees

Calendly, June 21, 2020

Wondering how to welcome a new employee to the team? Start by putting yourself in their shoes.

Joining a new office is a lot like being the new kid at school — they tell you where your locker is and which classes you’re taking, but what you really want to know is how you’re supposed to act and what the social norms are. Do the cool kids raise their hands in class, or should you wait to answer the teacher’s questions?

It sounds silly at first, comparing your new employees to seventh graders, but think about it: Don’t you feel better when you know what’s expected of you? That’s what makes good onboarding, and good onboarding matters. In fact, 69% of employees are more inclined to stay with a company for at least three years if they had a great onboarding experience.

A new employee introduction email can go a long way, connecting the new person to the team and setting the stage for success.

The right messages and what they say

When you're sending a welcome letter to a new employee on their first day, every word you say matters. What do you want them to know? What do you want them to believe about their talents and potential? Think about the key ideas you want them to take away from your message.

Be a change-maker

It’s easy for new employees to feel like they have to keep their heads down and do things the way they’ve always been done. These welcome messages tell your new hires that you welcome their fresh perspectives and that you hope they’ll inspire some positive changes.

1. “Welcome to the team, [new employee’s name]! We only hire people we believe will make a difference here, and we’re proud to count you among that number. We look forward to helping you make waves.”

2. “Welcome! We’re thrilled to have you with us. We had a lot of applicants, and we chose you because we believe that your skills, experience and creativity will have a real impact on our team. We can’t wait to see what you do!”

3. “Welcome to the team, [name]! We value the talents and ideas of everyone on our team, especially our new hires. We can’t wait to see what you’ll make happen.”

4. “Thanks for joining our team, [name]. We chose you from among all of our applicants because we believe that you’ll do great things with us. We hope you’ll always feel free to innovate, share your thoughts and help your teammates realize their ideas.”

5. “Welcome to the team, [name]! Our company is growing and changing every day and we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride. Please make waves — it’s why we hired you.”

6. “Congratulations and welcome, [name]! We can’t wait to see how you’ll shake things up around here.”

Feel free to experiment

Being the “new kid” is always a little bit scary. People spend the entire interview process putting their best foot forward, and sometimes that means they walk in thinking they have to be perfect. 

You don’t want your employees starting things off with that mindset. If they’re afraid, they won’t take chances. If they feel comfortable with making mistakes, they’ll experiment and maybe come up with your next great ideas.

7. “Welcome! We hope you’ll always feel free to speak up, share your thoughts and challenge us. We’re all going to grow together here, and we look forward to it!”

8. “Congratulations and welcome aboard. We hand-picked you because we know you’ll help us rise to the next level, and we hope you’ll always feel free to take chances in your work.”

9. “Thank you so much for accepting the offer to join our team. We hope you’ll feel right at home with us at [company]. Never feel shy about sharing your thoughts and ideas — they’re why we brought you on board.”

10. “Welcome to our work family! We choose our new team members carefully and we’re proud to welcome you, with all of your talents and ideas and faults. Yes, faults — making mistakes is an important part of growth, and we hope you’ll never worry about trying to be perfect on the job. We sure aren’t!”

Have a growth mindset

If you’re the kind of company that believes in developing the talents of all your employees, congratulations — you have a growth mindset, and your workforce is more likely to be engaged. Start your employees off right by telling them on their first day that you're there to help them reach their potential.

11. “Welcome, [name]! There’s no one in the whole world like you, and we’re proud to have you as a member of our team. We look forward to learning and growing with you in the years to come.”

12. “Congratulations on taking the next step in your career! We see great things in your future — that’s why we hired you. We hope you’ll ask questions, make mistakes and try new things, so we’ll all reach new heights together.”

13. “Welcome! We’re happy to have you on board and we can’t wait to help you reach new heights. Always ask questions when you have them and let us know how we can help you move forward. Around here, it’s all about the journey.”

We're here for you

Who wouldn’t want to hear “We’ve got your back” on their first day at work? Instead of being the lone newbie, your new employee will immediately feel like a valued member of the team. They’ll be ready to ask for help and use their talents to support others’ success.

14. “Welcome to the team, [name]! We know you’ll accomplish great things here — we wouldn’t have hired you if we didn’t believe that. We look forward to supporting you along the way.”

15. “Congratulations and many good wishes for your first day at [company name]. We want you to know that we believe in you and we’re behind you in everything you do here.”

16. “A warm welcome from all of us here at [company]. We’re always working to build a strong, passionate and communicative team, and we believe that you’ll fit right in with us.”

17. “Congratulations and welcome to [company], [name]! We’re confident that we’ll all work well together in the weeks and months to come, and we hope you’ll always feel comfortable asking us for help — just like you’ll be there to support those who work with you.”

18. “Welcome and congratulations, [name]! We choose our team members carefully because when we on-board someone, we commit to their success. We look forward to helping you do the best work of your life with us.”

19. “Welcome to our work family! We know that starting a new job can be intimidating, so we wanted you to know that we’re here to support you. You’re a part of a team now, and we know you’ll do great things here.”

20. “Welcome, [name], and thanks for choosing [company] as your next work home. You’re one of us now and we couldn’t be prouder.”

We value your perspective

When the members of your team have unique skill sets, experiences and backgrounds, they produce better results. It’s important that starting on day one, your people know that their perspectives matter.

21. “Welcome, [name], we’re proud that you chose to join our team. We were thrilled to find someone with your abilities, ideas and great attitude.”

22. “We’re so happy to have you on our team, [name]. We’re pleased you decided to join us, and we hope you’ll come to us for help when you need it. We know we’ll be turning to you when we need your unique talents — the ones we hired you for.”

23. “A warm and enthusiastic welcome to you, [name]. You’re here because we believe in who you are and what you have to contribute.”

24. “Welcome to our unique, collaborative, dynamic and energetic team! We chose you because all of those words apply to you, so we know you’ll fit in perfectly with us.”

25. “Warmest of welcomes, [name]. You bring a unique perspective and background to our team, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it. Always feel free to ask us for help — we’re here for you!”

26. “Welcome to our team! We brought you on with us because we saw something special in you — a fresh eye that can help take us to the next level. We know you’ll make waves and we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way.”

27. “A great big thank-you to you, [name] — we’re thrilled that you’re bringing your unique perspective and background to our team.”

28. “Welcome aboard! We hand-picked you to join our team because we believe in you and what you have to offer. Ask questions, share ideas and keep doing what you do.”

29. We’ve never had someone quite like you on board, and that’s a huge compliment around here! We love your uniqueness and can’t wait to see what you’ll make happen.”

30. “Congratulations and best wishes on your first day, [name]! We love our new hires because you bring a perspective we’ve never had before. We hope you’ll speak up, push us to new heights and share your thoughts. That’s what helps us grow!”  

Choosing your welcome message

Bringing someone on board should be fun! Get your team together and create inspiring welcome mail to the new joinee. Use the ideas presented here or come up with your own. The most important thing is that it gets the person excited to work with you. Remember, a new team member only gets one first day, so make it count!

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