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September 16, 2020

Automate your meeting overhead with our 5 most popular Workflows

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By Caitlin Brett

If you haven’t yet heard about Workflows, you’re in for a treat: Calendly’s enhancement powerful automation for all the pre- and post-event communications you used to handle manually. From text reminders to thank-you emails, Workflows allows you to set up, personalize, and automatically send messages to your clients (and yourself).

Our amazing customers discovered 5 of the most powerful use-cases for Workflows, and we’re sharing them with you here so that you can start automating your busywork right away. 

Email meeting reminders

Getting a prospect or client to book a meeting on your calendar is only the first step in actually meeting with them. The second, and equally important, is reminding them of the upcoming meeting so they can make sure to be there (or be on the call).

While there are a variety of ways to handle these reminders, from sending each text or email manually to scheduling them in advance through your email client, there has never been an easier way for Calendly users than to use Workflows.

In the Workflows tab at the top of your Calendly window, choose the pre-crafted “Email Reminder to Invitee” flow. You can give your new workflow a name and choose which event types it should apply to, then customize everything about the automation from the time when it triggers to the content of the email.

Workflow: Email Confirmation

Here’s an extra tip: make sure the checkbox for “Include cancel and reschedule links” is ticked. That way, if your client needs to reschedule their meeting, they can do it in a few clicks, all through Calendly, so you don’t have to field the back-and-forth communication yourself.

Text Reminder to Host

Our second most popular template is a testament to the fact that we could all stand to have a personal assistant in our lives. When it comes to staying on time for your appointments, this is about as close as it gets.

By setting up this workflow, Calendly will text you before the meeting starts to remind you of the event type, who you’re meeting with, where, when, or any other information you need to feel prepared. You can choose any amount of time that works best for you, from multiple hours to just a few minutes (helpful if you have back-to-back calls to jump between).

Workflow: Text Reminder

Thank You Email

Another extremely popular workflow is a timeless classic: the thank-you followup email. It’s a sweet touch that lets your clients know you appreciate their time and helps build an ongoing relationship.

You can set your thank-you email to trigger after any period of time that makes sense for your event type and your business. Many of our beta users chose to fire off thank-you emails a few hours after the event, but a handful chose to email the next day.

Text Booking Confirmation to Host

It seems Calendly users really love text reminders, because here’s a neat one that handily made the top 5. As someone who is (presumably) excited when meetings are booked on their calendar, it’s simple to set up a workflow that texts you a confirmation with each new booking.

Workflow: Text Booking Confirmation

Email Additional Resources

For many types of events, your invitees will want more information after the meeting ends so they can continue their research or revisit the content again in the future.

Someone in sales, for example, might find it useful to attach a pre-made recording of a product demo so your prospects can refresh their memories or share the video with a colleague. For those who offer services, like consultants or advisors, a downloadable guide might help your clients execute better on the work you began together.

Workflow: Email Additional Resources

The options for automation are endless

Don’t let our five most popular templates be the end of your exploration. Workflows allows you to mix and match triggers and actions to automate any type of communication you can imagine. Log into Calendly to configure your first flow today!


Caitlin Brett

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