Calendly + Salesforce

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Calendly le ahorra el trabajo de actualizar Salesforce para que pueda vender más

Features + Benefits

  • Horario Calendly meetings for your team without leaving Salesforce

  • Create events or tasks on any Salesforce object once a meeting is scheduled

  • Map information gathered in the booking flow to Salesforce as a custom object to expedite qualifying your leads

  • View upcoming and past meetings from your activities

  • Track and measure activity from Calendly by campaign, time period, meeting type, rep or custom fields

  • Customize the integration within Salesforce to align with your current process

When scheduling meetings with new prospects using Calendly, Salesforce automatically creates a new lead, contact or opportunity. If the prospect already exists, the event will simply be added to the existing record.

Your reps will love using the integration to get back more selling time, and management will love that Salesforce data is always accurate without having to chase down their reps for updates.

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