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Programe reuniones con clientes potenciales y clientes directamente desde Intercom Messenger

Features + Benefits

  • Convert more leads to schedule with you by offering a seamless experience, without ever leaving the conversation in Intercom Messenger

  • Set up automatic flows that prompt only qualified leads to schedule time with you using bots in Messenger

  • Add Calendly to Messenger home to make it easy for leads or customers to schedule with you at any time

The best way to schedule meetings now fits perfectly in your favorite messenger. With the Calendly for Intercom app, your most qualified leads can schedule with you directly in Messenger. Skip the scheduling back and forth with prospects and empower them to set up a call or demo right away. From there, Calendly will add the event to your calendar, include your Zoom link, update Salesforce, send reminders and more—all according to your settings.

Connect your Calendly account to Intercom, then send Calendly invitations in a conversation, with a bot or even add it to your Messenger Home. Your leads will be able to book a meeting with you in seconds!

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