Calendly + Hubspot

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Calendly actualiza HubSpot por usted para que pueda centrarse en desarrollar las relaciones

Features + Benefits

  • Embed Calendly on your HubSpot website and use Calendly scheduling links in HubSpot emails

  • Create leads, contacts, and activities in HubSpot when a meeting is scheduled

  • Update activities on the contact in HubSpot when a meeting is rescheduled or canceled

  • Collect information from custom questions and add to HubSpot contacts

  • Track and measure activity from Calendly in HubSpot

When meetings are scheduled using Calendly, new leads or contacts and activities are created in HubSpot. If the record already exists, the lead or contact will be updated and the new activity added to the existing record.

Your reps will save time so they can focus on building relationships with buyers and customers, and management will love that HubSpot is always updated with insights and intelligence to improve customer relationship management.

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