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Online scheduling doesn’t have to be cold. Customize your meeting details so clients feel they’re your top priority. Automatically send personalized reminders to ensure everyone is on time and prepared.

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Friendly meeting reminders

Customize email templates that automatically update with your clients’ details and arrive in their inbox just before your meeting.

Unlimited scheduling pages

Tailor your availability, meeting duration, location and more depending on the event and who is scheduling with you. Save those settings so you can use them again and again.

Automated admin tasks

Integrate directly with GoToMeeting or Zoom and connect 1000+ other apps through Zapier to easily trigger actions after a Calendly event is scheduled.

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Provide options for your customers

You have different kinds of meetings, so why try and use the same scheduling page for all of them? Customize your event types so they can be the most effective for you and your invitees.


Start every meeting on time

Your time is important—so let us make sure it’s not wasted! With custom email reminders, your invitees will remember your meeting and have all the information they need at their fingertips.


With Calendly, I scheduled 40 meetings in a row with the same effort it used to take me to book one.

–Victoria Fine for Forbes

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