How are startups and technology companies using Calendly?

Learn how professionals in startups and tech companies use Calendly to impress clients and gain back time for business growth.

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“We get more done, and can be more flexible with the time we offer our external partners. It makes both our lives easier.”

Riley James, Developer Relations Manager Xero

Key Results:

  • Increased schedule flexibility to better accommodate partners
  • Automatic breaks between bookings eliminated meeting overflow from one to another
  • Gained back hours of time each week

Xero makes bookkeeping an approachable task for the person closest to the business: the owner.

But while Xero makes life easier for clients, Riley’s scheduling system made his difficult.

“Our previous tool always had issues,” he said. “It would sometimes fail to send out notifications or would double-book, making us look disorganized.”

As the main contact for Xero’s external API partners, Riley spends tons of time in meetings. Scheduling these by email was exhausting.

“Keeping track of time zones in America, the UK and Australia was a nightmare,” he said. “We were really on the lookout for a new tool.”

Calendly was what they were looking for.

“Calendly works,” said Riley. “I love that you can block out time around meetings. Before, I’d end up with four back-to-back meetings. And they’d often run over, so then you’d have to reorganize while holding was hell.”

Calendly also ensures Riley’s appointments are spaced throughout the week, rather than crammed into one day.

“Previously, whatever slots were open would get filled. I might have eight meetings one day, then none the rest of the week. Spacing those out lets me get back to other work.”

Now, Riley and his team are not only more productive, they can offer better service to partners.

“We get more done, and can be more flexible with the time we offer our external partners,” he said. “It makes both our lives easier.”

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“My job is about making sure the client is successful. There’s no way I could do that if I had to schedule manually. Calendly saves me vast amounts of time.”

Katie Rogers, SalesLoft

Key Results:

  • Impresses clients, provides proof that their time is valued
  • Improved client experience and retention through streamlined onboarding process
  • Gained time for team leadership and business development

SalesLoft gives sales teams a competitive edge on lead generation. With efficiency and accuracy as the company’s main tenets, it’s vital that their systems and tools reflect those priorities—which is why they use Calendly.

“Calendly is a huge timesaver,” said Client Success Manager Katie Rogers. “When I first came on board, scheduling was pretty easy. But now we’re at 500+ customers, and some days, we’ll close 10+ deals.”

Katie onboards all new clients, then touches base regularly over the next several months.

“My job is about making sure the client is successful,” she said, “there’s no way I could do that if I had to schedule manually. Calendly saves me vast amounts of time.”

The group scheduling functionality and simple user experience have improved the client experience, as well.

“As we’ve scaled, I’ve switched from running 1:1 calls to only group calls,” said Katie. “This has been really effective; I can now reach ten clients at once. Everyone is so much happier—clients can start using the product on the same day that they sign up. And it seems like every client later says ‘Hey, what’s that tool that you use to book our appointments?’”

With streamlined scheduling, Katie has time for more than just client calls—she can also lead and develop her team.

“It’s making me more effective, thus making the department more effective,” she said. “As we scale, it’s important that Calendly’s a part of that, because anything that makes me better is going to make the company better.”

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