How are people using Calendly for Sales and Account Management?

Learn how sales and account management professionals around the world use Calendly to schedule more demos and prospecting calls, more quickly.

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Lead gen specialist uses automated scheduling for sales acceleration

Maura Ciammetti, WizeHive

Key Results:

  • Increased amount of leads generated
  • Reduced number of leads who lost interest before booking a call
  • Compressed sales cycle

WizeHive allows universities to streamline their grant and scholarship programs, and their software generates a lot of international business. This was great news for the company, but not so great for Maura Ciammetti, WizeHive’s lead gen specialist.

Maura, who qualifies leads, was spending more time in her inbox than on the phone.

“[Our old system] didn’t connect with my Google Calendar, or let people know what time zone I’m in,” she said. “There was a lot of back-and-forth.”

This led to leaked opportunities, as inquiries would lose interest before booking a call.

Once Maura discovered Calendly, the back-and-forth disappeared. She also saw an increase in the number of appointments booked.

“We’ve already had a ton of appointments scheduled through it,” she said. “I wasn’t finding that success previously.”

Streamlined scheduling lets Maura focus on what matters. “I’m able to focus on reporting and reaching out to viable contacts,” she said. “I can spend my time targeting emails to people from qualified organizations, who I know will actually click through my drip campaign.”

Now, the team can make a real impact during the workweek, then relax after Friday.

“It’s great on weekends,” she said. “My team gets forwarded anytime a Calendly invite comes through, so we all know when a reader has clicked the link.”

With Calendly, WizeHive captures more viable leads in less time, meaning sales acceleration and weekend relaxation.

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“Calendly breaks down the barriers of entry as far as getting customers actually scheduled for a call goes.”

James Lindsey, Solution Architect, TrackVia

Key Results:

  • Increased number of discovery calls
  • Accelerated sales with a highly responsive cycle
  • Reduced customer churn through simple, personalized onboarding process

TrackVia empowers business users to create custom apps with minimal programming knowledge. But to demonstrate how TrackVia meets very unique needs, the sales team needs a highly responsive sales cycle—so they use Calendly.

“Calendly makes the engagement process responsive to each prospect,” said Solutions Architect James Lindsey.

Once a prospect signs up for a trial, an account exec reaches out to schedule a call. If the user seems hesitant, the exec sends them a Solutions Architect’s Calendly link. The user is free to schedule a short Discovery Call–in which she can explain exactly what she’s trying to create–when she’s ready.

“Sometimes, potential customers are reluctant to engage in a traditional sales model, but they do want assistance,” said James. “Calendly creates an easy way for them to engage without feeling pulled into a process they’re not interested in.”

On the call, James creates a prototype of the app the user needs, and the two of them meet later for a Prototype Review. If the user is happy, she becomes a customer. If she needs more time, she can book a Prototype Follow-Up.

Once she becomes a customer, James shares his post-sale event types on Calendly, where she can schedule anywhere from 2-6 Working Sessions. These are crucial for user engagement and retention, James says, “because we want users to really own their app.” These sessions ensure the new customer’s relationship with TrackVia is a long, satisfied one.

With Calendly, TrackVia’s personalized sales cycle allows the team to close more deals, more quickly—and to ensure that customers keep coming back.

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