How are people using Calendly for interview scheduling?

Learn how recruiters, HR and admissions professionals use Calendly to cut interview scheduling time in half and secure the strongest candidates.

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“People that I send the link to will respond and say ‘That tool was really cool,’ or ‘Wow, that was really easy.’ I think that’s a pretty strong testament to how convenient Calendly is.”

Kelsey Hennegen, FindTheBest

Key Results:

  • Cut interview scheduling time in half
  • Eliminated need for full-time intern
  • Secures 1:1 time with candidates at the height of their interest

Search engine FindTheBest was launched in 2010 in as a way to refine the process of online research. Now, it’s a thriving company that employs over 100 people. And it’s HR & Recruitment Manager Kelsey Hennegen’s job to keep everyone “happy, fulfilled and effective.”

But rather than measuring staff happiness, Kelsey was spending her days chasing candidates, scheduling interviews, or hiring extra help to get the work done.

“[Scheduling] was a full-time intern’s entire role,” she said. “I used to have an email template where I’d have to type out each day, and on one screen I’d pull up the calendars of each staff member the candidate was going to interview with, while on the other screen I’m typing out all their available times into the email,” she said.

Many candidates would lose interest in the back-and-forth, leaving Kelsey frustrated and in search of something simpler.

Because Calendly syncs with her team’s Google Calendars, Kelsey simply emails the links of staff members’ schedules, and the candidate reserves their interview times in a few clicks.

Not only has this halved the amount of time she spends on scheduling and eliminated her need for a full-time intern, it’s also enabled her to secure time with candidates at the height of their interest. She even receives compliments about the new system.

“People that I send the link to will respond and say ‘That tool was really cool,’ or ‘Wow, that was really easy,’” she said. “I think that’s a pretty strong testament to how convenient Calendly is.”

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“Conducting more interviews...allows us to recruit a better class. Our students get placed in jobs more frequently, and this in turn helps strengthen the program.”

Kristen Yarbrough, Hackbright Academy

Key Results:

  • Increased quantity of applicants interviewed
  • Cut down on technical difficulties at the time of each interview
  • Decreased no-shows

Hackbright Academy boasts an extremely efficient teaching model, preparing women for full-time programming positions in 10 weeks. But their interview process was clunky and counterintuitive.

Rather than ensuring that top talent was recruited, Kristen’s team had to focus on low-value tasks, like explaining how to use a scheduling program—meaning less time for interviews. But by switching to Calendly, Hackbright has created the streamlined interview process they needed.

When it’s time to schedule an interview, Kristen sends the applicant her Calendly link. Once the applicant schedules a time, she gets a confirmation email outlining next steps. “Not having to copy and paste all of that information and manually send it to each person is extremely helpful,” Kristen said.

The applicant also gets an automatic reminder the day before her interview, which has “really helped decrease the number of no-shows.”

If the applicant is a good fit, she’s invited to book her second interview, and the process repeats. This streamlined workflow empowers the team to hold more interviews, giving them a well-rounded view of their candidates.

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