How are business consultants and coaches using Calendly?

Learn how consultants around the world use Calendly to get more clients on the calendar and gain back time for business development.

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“Calendly is such a huge time and stress-saver. To not have to worry, but to be able to allow my clients to book sessions on their own, is easy for me and empowering for them.”

Susie Romans,

Key Results:

  • Gave clients greater independence
  • More time for business development
  • More family time

As a longtime manager of business development for a digital agency, Susie knew a lot about lead generation, sales and marketing. An “entrepreneur at heart,” she used her business development experience to form her own consultancy, and now specializes in helping women create and run their own internet-based businesses.

Before Calendly, Susie was faced with two big problems: she was wasting time scheduling sessions with clients by email (as it often took eight to ten messages back and forth to decide on a time), and she was losing leads in the disorganized shuffle. Calendly helped fix both these problems.

“Calendly is such a huge time and stress-saver,” she said. “To not have to worry, but to be able to allow my clients to book sessions on their own, is easy for me and empowering for them. I don’t have to babysit or remind anyone, and I don’t have to put prospective clients through a difficult or clunky system.”

By automating session scheduling, Susie can stress less and invest more of her time into producing content and increasing profits.

“Instead of having to sit at my computer and play secretary,” she said, “I can work on books, or articles that are going to help me grow my business.”

And for Susie, more money earned more quickly equates to less time on the computer, and more time spent with the people who matter: her family.

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Best-selling business coach uses automated scheduling to get more done in less time

Ellory Wells,

Key Results:

  • Schedules more podcast interviews, more quickly
  • More time for content creation, business development

Ellory Wells had spent 15 years in the Fortune 500 world. He loved his technology-based workload, but was tired of climbing the corporate ladder alongside hundreds of thousands of other employees. So he began sharing his business, branding and leadership knowledge on his blog—which evolved over time into a podcast, paid coaching gigs and, most recently, a #1 bestselling ebook on Amazon.

As an entrepreneur whose day revolves largely around 1:1 meetings—namely podcast interviews, virtual lunches with contacts and potential collaborators, and coaching sessions with clients—Ellory appreciates Calendly’s customizable details, including the ability to set buffers between appointments and collect people’s contact information up front.

“One of the questions I have Calendly automatically ask for me is, ‘What’s your Skype ID?’ If we’re going to hold a meeting on Skype, why go back and forth when I can add that question in here?” he said. “It alleviates some of those little details so that no one has to suddenly remember to send extra information 10 minutes before the call.”

By automating the flow of his scheduling system, work breaks and collection of contact information, Ellory gained back peace of mind and hours of time to devote to what he loves most: empowering professionals to grow their businesses.

“As an entrepreneur, there are so many tiny details we have to worry about and keep in the backs of our minds—so many things that could fall through the cracks. That’s a non-issue with Calendly,” he said.

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