Zenefits improves satisfaction across its customer base

Giving the team more time to run meaningful calls during peak times and beyond

Zenefits is a leading all-in-one digital HR platform for small- and medium-sized businesses. When the company decided to move to a paid subscription model, the sales team was tasked with smoothly communicating this change to more than 600 customers.

Amanda Hill, account executive at Zenefits, identified the need to automate parts of this process. The challenge was scheduling with a high volume of customers during this change and in the future for day-to-day activities.

Offering capacity to handle a large volume of calls

Amanda executed outreach through email with Salesforce and Yesware. She explained the pricing update and included a Calendly link as the call-to-action. This allowed customers to easily schedule time with her to discuss what the change meant for them.

Amanda seamlessly scheduled with a large volume of clients (and secured up to 15 calls per day) to ease concerns during this transitional time.

“If it wasn’t for Calendly, I wouldn’t be able to do my job efficiently. It’s my favorite sales tool that I’ve come across, especially during peak times.”

Delivering a meaningful experience by allowing customers to schedule at their convenience

After seeing the success of Calendly during the pricing change, Amanda implemented the tool into her day-to-day workflow. As an account executive building relationships with customers and selling to prospects, she uses Calendly to schedule all external meetings. Whether it’s a call to update a current customer on a company change, a demo with a prospect or a quick alignment call with partners, Calendly helps cut down on email traffic.

“Time is money. Calendly is the number one automation tool that a rep has to have. It makes the process of scheduling with a prospect or client much more efficient on both sides, rather than going back and forth on email.”

Amanda even has Calendly embedded directly in her email signature. This gives customers and prospects quick and easy access to schedule a call with her whenever is best, leaving them feeling empowered.

The use of Calendly proved so successful that the Zenefits team now requires all reps to use their dedicated scheduling link in their email signature.

Not only did Calendly help Amanda get through a busy season with Calendly, but it also helps save time. With that extra time, she can now focus on what matters most—building relationships and selling.


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