Virtru doubles demos scheduled with Calendly

Connecting with inbound leads at the height of their interest

When sales reps are swamped with many priorities, it’s easy for hot inbound leads to slip through the cracks—killing great deals before reps can ever touch them.

Virtru has a strong top-of-funnel approach. 90% of customers land on its site organically. However, converting those customers to leads wasn’t always easy, as only a third of them were scheduling demos.

Enabling reps to keep up with inbound volume

Sean McVey, director of demand generation at Virtru, thought this might be because the inside sales team couldn’t keep up with the high volume of leads. His reps would get overbooked with tasks and were not always able to follow up, meaning leads would have to wait around. Each rep would have to manage every customer conversation, which could go on for several emails. This entire process put Virtru at risk because the longer a lead had to wait for a follow-up, the more likely it was to lose the prospect’s interest.

Adopting a new workflow to capture leads while they’re hot

Calendly fit nicely in the Virtru sales team’s workflow. Now, once prospects click the “Request a demo” CTA and sign up for a demo on Virtru’s website, they are directed to a “thank you” page that gives them the opportunity to schedule their own demo at the height of their interest.

After a few weeks of use, Sean realized Calendly’s quick time-to-value and the Virtru sales team saw a significant uptick in the number of leads scheduling demos.

“Within the first month of using Calendly, we jumped from 30% to 61% of leads scheduling a call.”

As a result of the high volume of leads, they started connecting several reps’ calendars and using Calendly to automatically assign demos round-robin, so prospects could get scheduled as soon as possible.

Calendly empowers Virtru’s sales team to focus on the most important success metric—closing deals—while leads just entering the sales pipeline can move forward as soon as they’re ready.


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