UniversityTickets empowers clients to get the most from its software

Conducting more high quality client trainings to build customer success and loyalty

Ashleigh Briggs, client relations specialist for software platform, UniversityTickets, faced some challenges. She needed to spend less time scheduling with clients by email and more time actually empowering them to operate their site.

Removing barriers to client education

Ashleigh got bogged down trading at least four emails with each new customer trying to schedule trainings. With so many customers who could benefit from onboarding, she had to find a way to maximize her time. She needed more dedicated hours in the week for empowering her clients to make the most out of their purchase—knowing this would, in turn, lead to increased retention rates.

Ashleigh found the solution in Calendly.

“I have so much more time than when I was still trading emails. Saving time with each person really saves a lot of headache.”

Enabling more customers to maximize their purchase

Automated scheduling has improved UniversityTickets’ client experience twofold—Ashleigh has more time for meaningful conversations with users, and the process saves as much hassle for clients as it does for staff.

“Clients really like the system. They know that if they want to meet with me, they can find my link in my email signature. They can set up a time without having to wait for me to respond to an email or call.”

Ashleigh benefits from Calendly with more control over her breaks, in turn, increasing the quality of each call.

“I love the buffer options. When meetings are right on top of each other, it makes it harder to focus on every client. Yesterday, I was booked solid. The automatically scheduled breaks in between meetings were crucial.”

That kind of attention to detail communicates UniversityTicket’s true focus on user experience and customer appreciation.

Now, Ashleigh has time to fully focus on each session—keeping existing customers happy and empowering new ones to get the most from the software.

“My success measurement is whether or not our clients are confident in their ability to operate their site independently. Calendly is a huge help in making this happen.”


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