Stack Overflow increases hiring ratios

Removing barriers to recruitment with a simplified interview scheduling strategy

The world's most trusted developer resource, Stack Overflow, provides the platform that more than 50 million developers use to find solutions to their coding problems. Pieter Depree, their “full-stack” recruiting lead, became an early adopter of Calendly when scheduling phone screens proved far too complicated.

“One of our pain points when a candidate would apply was setting up an interview [...] we’d email to let them know we were interested and ask for their availability and they would email back some times. If I wasn’t available at that time, I’d have to email them back, and it was this very unnecessary time-wasting back and forth.”

The recruiting team now uses Calendly to cut out that back and forth so they can connect with candidates in record time with minimal admin work. They email a Calendly link to interested candidates, asking them to find the time that’s convenient for them to meet and discuss opportunities.

Making things relational between candidate and recruiter

Even though Pieter used several different scheduling tools previously, once someone introduced him to Calendly, he saw how important a clean and easy UI can be. Since the interview process is something most candidates don’t do often, it can feel very transactional, especially when recruiters use tools that prove complicated or require the candidate to put in extra work.

Calendly solves this issue and provides Stack Overflow’s candidates with a straightforward and relational experience. By eliminating any software downloads or technical knowledge needed to take part in the process, scheduling is no longer a barrier to recruitment.

Reducing admin time to focus on interviewing

Calendly reduces the admin burden on recruiters by providing the option to set different automated communications based on the type of meeting scheduled and the notification cadence selected. Someone who connects with Pieter via a networking chat can get one set of messages, while a candidate who’s gone through a formal interview process will get different info. Pieter never has to retype an email, set reminders over and over or dig through old communications to find a candidate’s contact and send them more info.

Using Calendly helps ensure the recruiting team’s time-to-contact and time-in-process is shortened. Pieter can now go through his entire queue of 50+ applications each week and automatically schedule them without any extra administration, saving him lots of time.

“It’s almost like I have an assistant.”

When candidates are kept connected throughout the process it improves the interview-to-hire ratio and delivers the results every recruiter’s success is built on.


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