Sara Rogers gains more clients for her photography business

Empowering new clients to schedule sessions at their convenience and saving personal time

Portrait photographer Sara Rogers offers parents high-quality family portraits without a high-end price tag, “When I became a mother, I wanted to get my kids’ pictures taken by professionals, but it would cost an arm and a leg.” So Sara and her husband set up a home studio. Sara’s passion project quickly turned into a demanding full-time business.

Scaling systems as a solo-entrepreneur

While she was able to grow her client base and revenue, she wanted to offer her clients the same care and convenience that compelled her to start the business in the first place.

“Someone would email me and ask what times I had available, but by the time they would choose a date, that date would be taken by someone else.”

Sara didn’t want to alienate or frustrate clients by playing email tag or double-booking and rescheduling. Calendly eliminated that back-and-forth, giving Sara a competitive edge.

“Most of my clients are parents that don’t have time to do a lot of extra things. I’ve had several people tell me they chose me out of a handful of photographers because they could schedule a session online. I think they really appreciate that efficiency.”

Gaining back freedom and personal time

Using Calendly, Sara also gained back the freedom and flexibility that she hoped for when becoming an entrepreneur.

The ability to display specific types of sessions on certain weekdays has also upped Sara’s efficiency, giving back hours of time she once spent trekking between shoot locations.

“I used to spend just as much time driving as I would taking pictures. Calendly allows me to make one day of the week my outdoor session days, and others, my studio days. I’m saving so much time and money.”

Now, Sara not only better serves her clients, she also enjoys more time with her family. She’s gotten back control of her business and the flexibility that every entrepreneur dreams of.

“If I can free up an hour of work, it’s time I can spend with my husband and kids,” she said. “That holds the most value for me.”


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