Off to Work reaches top recruiting volume while saving time for sourcing and training

Improving recruiting speed and candidate experience to reach higher goals

Agency recruiting is fast-paced work that requires a huge skill set and tons of industry insight. The best in the business don’t just evaluate candidates, they train, hire and provide the cultural bridge from their candidate to their client. Off to Work, the UK's premier hospitality staffing, training and consultancy company reveals how it is revolutionizing recruiting.

Trading cold calls for candidate empowerment

Jessica Hopkins is a Talent Attraction Executive at Off to Work, responsible for recruiting and interviewing, evaluating sourcing methods, researching regional trends and even developing trainings and monitoring compliance. She and her team were struggling to find qualified recruits through their traditional sourcing methods.

Between proactive sourcing and a high volume of applications, the team doesn’t have a lot of time to play email or phone tag with candidates in an attempt to schedule a preliminary interview. They’re often working on short deadlines for temporary jobs. Previously, their method for meeting their time crunch was cold calling applicants and catching them by surprise. Since candidates were unprepared, interviews were unproductive, which was a complete waste of time for both parties.

Efficiently reaching higher recruiting goals

Jessica’s team now emails applicants with a Calendly link to schedule a 15-minute phone screen. If the candidate is successful during the screening, they invite them to an on-site interviewing day. Initially, Jessica was worried that relying on candidates to book themselves would decrease their quantity of interviewees. Instead they found that it not only increased the quantity of candidates, but the quality of those interviewed.

Before using Calendly, each recruiter was struggling to hit their goal of 10 recruits a day. Now, with Calendly, they go above and beyond that goal, converting at least 50% of recruits to a second interview.

Calendly fits seamlessly within Off to Work’s current process, giving them more time to evaluate sourcing methods, interview eligible candidates and develop effective trainings. Not only is the user experience simple, friendly and visually appealing, it increases recruiting speed and volume. In the end, this all adds up to an excellent candidate experience and enables Off to Work to hire the best hospitality staff for its clients.


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