Smarter outbound prospecting allows Geographic Farm to consistently meet its goals

Leveraging Calendly to meet goal of 500+ meetings scheduled a month

Matthew Morrison is the business development manager at Geographic Farm, a marketing firm working exclusively with real estate companies with jam-packed schedules. Geographic Farm’s challenge was scheduling enough consultations to share how its team could provide significant value to each agency.

The solution came in the form of automated scheduling to generate and encourage new prospect consultations. Geographic Farm recently made the switch from another software to Calendly for its robust reporting features, including better campaign tracking and the direct Salesforce integration.

“We work with real estate agents, and they’re very busy. The more options we can give them for consultation times and the sooner we can connect with them, the better.”

Smarter outbound prospecting

There are two ways the Geographic Farm team uses Calendly to reach out to prospects.

The first is through MailChimp email campaigns sent to real estate prospects. Each email includes a link that drives the prospect directly to a Calendly scheduling page that assigns the meeting round robin to the first available rep, getting the prospect scheduled as soon as possible while they’re most interested. Calendly’s reporting allows Geographic Farm to track how many meetings are scheduled from each email campaign.

“We switched to Calendly so we can have the ability to track how many consultations are booked. It lets us be smarter in our marketing to know what messaging drives more consultations.”

In addition, the team handles outbound prospecting by circling back with cold leads, attempting to nurture them to set up consultations with an account executive.

Letting reps work in the tools they use most

Calendly’s direct Salesforce integration has been a huge help for Geographic Farm. When a lead schedules a meeting, Calendly either creates a new record or updates an existing record in Salesforce, so the team has all the information they need for every prospect available in the tool where reps spend the majority of their day.

Aside from the standard name, email and phone number fields, Geographic Farm includes custom fields on its scheduling page to determine sales readiness. These questions include the average value of the homes they sell, marketing budget, services they’re interested in, etc.—all of which are mapped back to Salesforce.

Matthew’s team is evaluated by the number of consultations scheduled each month. Calendly helps them meet the benchmark of 500+ meetings a month and also gives reps more time to focus on creating a meaningful consultation experience for the prospect that will lead to a sale. The team also has more robust reporting to determine what’s working and make optimizations for improvement.


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