Calendly + Mailchimp

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Automatically create and update contacts to scale better email marketing experiences.

Features + Benefits

  • Automatically add invitees to a Mailchimp audience and add the appropriate tags

  • You and your invitee both have instant access to conferencing details

  • Create new audience and tagging rules in Mailchimp for each of your event types

  • Trigger personalized email campaigns with a Mailchimp automation

Personalization is the key to effectiveness. Integrating Calendly with Mailchimp helps you send hyper-specific content to your contacts automatically so you can build stronger connections with your audience.

Automatically create and tag contacts within a Mailchimp audience from new people who schedule through Calendly. Create unique audience and tagging rules based on each type of Calendly meeting to power your Mailchimp automations. And if the contact already exists in Mailchimp, Calendly will find and add tags to their record.

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