Video tutorials


Getting started

A few things to know about Calendly and how to set it up your way

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Setting up events

Event types are templates you use to offer events with different durations, locations, available times, and more.

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How to delete or disable multiple event types at once (video)
How to redirect invitees to another site after they book with you (video)


Sharing your link

Find your scheduling links and share them with your invitees to start booking meetings now.

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How to share your link
How to customize your Calendly link


Working with others

Host events with others in your organization.

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How to set up and manage teams (video)
How to create event templates and add members to your team


Automate tasks with workflows

Take the work out of running meetings.

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What's a variable? (video)


Personalize your account

Set all your preferences just how you like and do Calendly your way.

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Manage your Calendly account (for individuals only)


Introducing Calendly for Chrome

Put Calendly in your browser for quick access to your Calendly link


Introducing Calendly for Firefox

Add Calendly to your browser for instant access to your Calendly links

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How to set up ad hoc meetings from Firefox (video)
How to add available times to an email from Firefox

Integrating other applications with Calendly

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Integrating Zapier with Calendly
Integrating Salesforce with Calendly (video)
Integrating PayPal with Calendly video
Integrating Zoom with Calendly (video)
Integrating Facebook Pixel with Calendly (video)
Integrating GoToMeeting with Calendly (video)