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Meetings are better than leads

Convert interested prospects into scheduled meetings and demos faster. Skip steps that cause customer friction.

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Meetings are better than leads
Convert interested prospects to scheduled leads from your marketing campaigns-image
Improve Conversion

Convert interested prospects to scheduled leads from your marketing campaigns

Using Calendly as the call-to-action in campaigns empowers interested prospects and customers to schedule with a sales rep—directly via a Calendly link—to learn more about your offering.

See how Lyft improves lead conversion by 2x

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instant scheduling

Increase conversion rates immediately

Too much time passing kills deals, and sales people don’t want to wait. Eliminate unnecessary steps in your meeting and demo scheduling process and fill your rep’s funnel with high-intent prospects.

See how Ancestry reduced scheduling emails by 40%


increase in number of demos scheduled by outbound marketing SDRs



increase in sales-qualified opportunities through website



of sales meetings scheduled with Calendly



conversion from demo requested to demo scheduled

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Qualify and book leads in real time

Schedule high-quality meetings directly from your website. Routing Forms help you screen and prioritize meetings based on industry, company size, or other business requirements.

Learn more about Lead Routing

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Add booking-a-meeting or demo to your drip campaigns

Maximize the efficacy of each email you send by including a scheduling link in every communication. Prospects will appreciate the experience and you’ll be the hero on the sales floor.

See how Bitly increased demos by 2x

Measure campaign conversions -image
actionable insights

Measure campaign conversions

Use the Google Analytics integration to track conversions throughout the scheduling process to determine when your invitees visit your scheduling pages and their engagement with them. Assess campaign sources and performance to make campaign improvements based on your findings.

See how Virtru doubled demos scheduled

Track everything in your CRM and marketing automation tools-image

Track everything in your CRM and marketing automation tools

Calendly event data integrates seamlessly with your tech stack, allowing you to report in real-time how much pipeline generation your meeting efforts created.

Learn about Calendly for CRMs

Calendly Features

Take the hassle out of scheduling

Convert more visitors and hit goals faster by streamlining your scheduling process and automating manual busywork.



Send personalized emails and texts to invitees automatically before and after your meetings.

Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Remove Calendly branding and customize your pages for a branded scheduling experience.

Qualify and book high-value leads

Qualify and book high-value leads

Use Routing Forms to qualify leads and automatically route sales requests to the right team members.

Salesforce integration

Salesforce integration

Two-way integration with Salesforce keeps the data flowing without spreadsheets and manual work.

Embed Calendly

Embed Calendly

Put Calendly directly on your website and landing pages and watch your pipeline grow.

A new and improved funnel

Comparing B2B marketing funnels

We help B2B revenue teams increase conversion rates, increase customer satisfaction, and be more successful.


10% of leads go stale

An outdated way of gathering quality leads

  • Buys Ads

  • Drive traffic to landing page

  • Lead form capture

  • Useless email confirmation

  • Add to SDR queue

  • SDR emails relentlessly to schedule meeting

  • Lead goes stale


100% increase in meeting volume

You deserve to work like you have a personal assistant

  • Drive traffic to landing page

  • Embed calendly

  • Prospect books meeting

  • Lead automatically routed

  • That’s it. Really.


“I saw pretty quickly that our conversion rate was nearing 50% or more.”

SEAN MCVEYVirtru’s Director of Demand Generation


“Within the first month of using Calendly, we jumped from 30% to 61% of leads scheduling a call.”

Sean McVey

Virtru’s Director of Demand Generation

Success Stories

Do more of what you do best

With scheduling hassles and interruptions gone, your day is cleared for accomplishment.

Lyft customer story card

Customer Story

Accelerated sales cycle picks up new B2B partners for Lyft

Cengage customer story image

Customer Story

How a small team boosted their monthly demos by 30% 

Bitly customer story image


More meetings, better prospects boost Bitly’s conversions across the board

We take the manual work out of scheduling

Get instant access to all of these features and more, so you can have more productive meetings without the back-and-forth

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We take the work out of connecting with others so you can accomplish more.

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