Scheduling for student success

Empower students, faculty members, and staff to schedule meetings and appointments with less hassle.

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Scheduling for student success
automate scheduling

Focus on learning, instead of coordinating schedules

Students come first, and that’s why Calendly streamlines everything from advising and tutoring to admissions interviews and tours for students, faculty, and administrative staff. Automating scheduling with Calendly allows you to focus on what matters most: delivering a better educational experience.

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Scheduling students and educators can enjoy

Students often give up on seeking an advisor or educator’s time if it isn’t easy to do, and phone calls and emails don’t always yield instant results. Scheduling with Calendly makes booking and rescheduling appointments simple and fast.

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Improve remote learning

When classes are held virtually, it’s much more difficult for educators to ensure they’re meeting with every student who needs help. Adding Calendly to a syllabus or lesson plan enables students to easily pick a time for a dedicated meeting, while educators keep their day organized.

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reduce manual work

Support students at key milestones

Increase student performance by allowing them to take advantage of services and resources without overwhelming schedules. By handling scheduling-related tasks, Calendly empowers staff to spend more quality time supporting students with advising, tutoring, career planning, and counseling.


Decrease in time spent scheduling



Improvement in cost, versus another solution



Automation of student appointments

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streamline recruiting

Accelerate your admissions cycle

Applicant interviews are key to selecting and enrolling prospective students. With Calendly, admissions teams can recruit more efficiently and deliver an exceptional experience to every applicant throughout the interview process, regardless of their time zone.

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automate group scheduling

Uncomplicate admissions events

Calendly makes it easy for students to book campus visits from a Calendly link in an email or embedded on your website. Bring groups of students together in the same time slot by creating a group event, which is ideal for campus tours and orientation events.

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reduce admin cost

Simplify technology and resources administration

Cut costs and save time by letting staff reserve equipment and resources with Calendly. When someone makes a reservation, collect the details you need to prepare ahead of time and automatically share any training materials they may need.


Favorite features

Deliver a better educational experience by streamlining your scheduling process and automating manual busywork.

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Embed Calendly anywhere

Embed your scheduling link on a website page, within your syllabus, or in your email signature to create an easy scheduling experience. Use the browser extension to instantly embed suggested meeting times into emails.

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Control your office hours

Set your availability for appointments by blocking off certain days and times, enable daily limits and minimum scheduling notices, and add buffers to ensure sessions don’t run over.

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Video conferencing integration

Connect seamlessly to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex and GoToMeeting. Meeting details are automatically added to scheduled classes and appointments for students to access.

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Custom notifications and reminders

Send out syllabi and important classroom reminders and follow-up on assignments via email and SMS reminders.

Coordinate multiple calendars-image

Coordinate multiple calendars

For sessions that can be handled by any staff member, automatically distribute calls among staff and leverage group events to open up appointments for multiple students.


Do more of what you do best

With scheduling hassles and interruptions gone, your day is cleared for accomplishment.

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We take the manual work out of scheduling

Get instant access to all of these features and more, so you can have more productive meetings without the back-and-forth.

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