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November 20, 2020
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Working Together to Source PPE with ProjectN95


By Adam Lambert

The 2020 pandemic has brought together many folks who would’ve otherwise never met.

This is certainly the case with Calendly and ProjectN95, an American supplier for PPE and other medical supplies.

Here’s how it happened.

In spring, when the world was shifting beneath all our feet, Calendly went remote—along with thousands of other companies.

In an effort to help our fellow Americans, we offered free Calendly Pro accounts to anyone working on the frontlines of the pandemic—from healthcare workers, to folks sourcing supplies.

ProjectN95 was doing the latter, helping source PPE for the communities that needed it most.

That's when we met Kimberly Paulk, Director of Development & Communications at ProjectN95.

She explained the work they were doing, and how we could help.

The Start of ProjectN95

The pandemic brought with it dozens of new rules around personal protective equipment, raising the bar for many providers.

“Think of a rural hospital that suddenly needs a dozen boxes N-95 masks to be legally compliant, or a dentist’s office that needs just one box,” said Kimberly.

“Those orders are nearly impossible to fill. So that was where we decided to help.”

ProjectN95 helps deliver more than just masks to these providers. They can source respirators, face shields, goggles, shoe covers—you name it.

And as the pandemic continued, the need for those items grew.

So they grew with it.

"People were banging on the door to get involved," said Kimberly.

"We started with a group of just over 20 people, working hard to source PPE for the frontlines," she said.

"Today, I believe we have 115 volunteers, and growing."

Scheduling Volunteers

John Click, a Team Lead for ProjectN95, said new folks are introduced to Calendly right away.

“We use Calendly for vetting our volunteers. It’s the perfect way to schedule Zoom interviews, so they see how it works right away.”

But it wasn't just interviews they used Calendly for. As a nonprofit company, ProjectN95 needed a way to successfully schedule their volunteers' work hours across several time zones.

Calendly was the perfect tool for scheduling coverage for them. We asked Kimberly exactly what those volunteers are doing to help.

“In a sentence: We call people who are desperate for PPE, and see how we can get it for them."

She said most ProjectN95 volunteers spend time reaching out to frontline organizations to ensure they get the hands-on support they need to effectively place orders on their website.

“Our volunteers verify that these are legitimate providers, that they do, in-fact, need supplies, and see if we can source what they need," said Kimberley.

"Fundamentally, we're trying to make it easy for healthcare providers and organizations to get the supplies they need, especially in these rural areas.”

Seeing Real Success

Healthcare providers and organizations have been incredibly thankful for the support they're getting through ProjectN95.

Some volunteers told us they cried when they realized the impact they'd had on needful communities.

"I recall a Director of Nursing who'd contacted us in desperate need of gloves and face shields during the first shortage," Kimberly told us.

"Two days later she called me back and said, 'You know what? I think we're okay here. Give those to somebody else who needs them more. We've figured out how to make face shields out of Deer Park water bottles.' And I thought, no nurse should be in that position."

But Kimberly, John, and their volunteer teammates helped that nurse, and are helping thousands more.

Their results are measurable, and they are absolutely stunning.

“As of last week, we've delivered 2 million units of protective equipment to the frontline,” Kimberly said humbly.

She estimates that PPE has helped more than 185,000 Americans during the Coronavirus pandemic.

That’s a significant contribution—all from organized volunteers.

Calendly is delighted we could help them in our small way.

To volunteer, or to keep up with the good work of the folks at ProjectN95, visit:

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